NyX taupe blush. Good thing I have a backup!

I won’t buy brands that aren’t cruelty free, including selling in China.

These are great lipsticks. I would love to wear them with lots of different makeup looks.

101 Luxe Face Definer brush
102 Silk Finish brush
105 Luxe Highlight brush
126 Luxe Cheek Finish brush
Elf studio powder brush

Zoya Darcy but it’s been on nearly a week so it’s coming off tomorrow. I think I’ll go with a classic bright red.

Ooooh this looks like fun!

Rave: cruelty free
Rant: nothing really. I don’t find their eye shadows all that inspiring but there are somr nice colours in the big Christmas palette from last year but some don’t wear well.

I was going to say exactly this!

There’s some beautiful soft purples and pinks I’d love to wear plus some more vibrant colours and neutrals, so these suit any occasion.

I’m trying to use more from my immense stash than I buy. I truly don’t think I will need any makeup, skincare or hair care this year, but you know, temptation is my weakness.

i did have them organised by type: proper lipstick/tinted balm/liquid lipstick/gloss. But I’ve just reorganised by colour because that’s usually my first decision in choosing one.

The Too Faced palette would give me great options for work appropriate makeup for my new job.

I’d be selecting one of the UD lipsticks to use first, for sure!

I’d go for the bright pink lipstick and nail polish (Schiap) first, for sure.

I’d wear these eyeshadows to my new job :)

Lovely. I would take it on holidays with me and have a range of blushes all together in one palette.

Going cruelty free. I haven’t knowingly bought a cosmetic from a company that tests on animals for nearly a year. It’s been so easy I can’t understand why anyone would buy products that are tainted with animal cruelty.

i don’t think they’re that unhygienic unless you share them or dint keep your hands reasonably clean. I use the top of my fingernail like a spatula to get some out and apply it.

I’d use the card to buy ALL the UD palettes I could manage!

I’m in Australia and I order Jack Black stuff for my husband from strawberrynet.com.

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