I like it a lot, but I just checked the dupe page and I have like three of those. Ah but it does look nice still, and great to hear good formula and pigmentation on this one!

Wow came on the comments looking for exactly this! I thought bad girl looked like a good smoky palette… I’ll be adding it to my sleek order promptly!

OMG I can’t even read the rest of the review, your first look is so stunning!!!! Really beautiful and I love that pose! Love!! But I have been contemplating this palette for a while, I did not know singles were […]

Wow I love this matte lipstick on you! The blushes too! I have all of sleek blushes, I love them soooo much and they work so well on me. I actually like these singles better than the palettes with three in them though

Missoni- even if it wasn’t a full line. I think the eye shadows, blushes, and packaging would be awesome!

I’d buy rose! I think the rest of my face better look perfect though, these certainly pack a lot of glitz

I’m getting a Joan Jett kinda vibe lol, I love your eyes and hair here!

Wow I’m surprised! Some shades look so nice. I had their brushes years ago but they weren’t rose gold, didn’t think much of them at the time.

Bummer…. I thought it was going to be a knockout! Ah well.

Got not hot lol… But $9 shipping kinda hurts for two shadows!

Who’s baby, roulette and desert sands are going into my cart pronto!! Gorgeous! Already hot raunzel, poppy and high tea… Very pleased!

Interesting, looking forward to your review also! Swatches can’t tell all, but looks like it may be some good, some not so good here…

Exactly the same for me… They are marketed in other places overseas as high end so their lip glosses and mascaras would be in the $25 range. I was gifted a lipstick and couldn’t stand the perfume taste . They’re […]

Gorgeous!….except for the pink one not my thing

I agree, really indoors is best under those conditions… The sun exposure is so bad.

Seriously… I’ve in Dubai in the summer and it reaches 110 degrees on a cool day…. It’s awful. Some days humidity high as well. Your makeup isn’t surviving in that, no way! There are a few eyeliners that won’t […]

Not sure I love any of these but your eye look is really pretty!!

This would be totally perfect for me for stuff I use everyday or things I want to look neat! Looks like even mascaras should fit.

I have some velvet/flocked jewelry dividers, I didn’t even know they were from muji! They are supposed to fit in a three or five drawer unit. My cousin said they have a physical store in NYC. I never thought about […]

It’s nice… To think about!

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