Gorgeous. Black jade especially.

Big fat no for me… Bonus that I don’t even like ulta!

$58 saved, thanks to your review!!!!

Graphite. Yep, there goes my no buy!! Freaking gorgeous

Really beautiful, especially love the eyes!

I’m into pinks and greys do I love it!! The brand does make a lot of other options for those who don’t tho, and I really like the formula- soft and pigmented, the metallics are so pretty

Simply Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!!

I don’t think I’d be short in neutral options, but specifically I don’t know… I like the bottom row of semi sweet tho!

I got both the liquid and powder burberry highlighters but they barely show up on me! So disappointed, especially the liquid. Much, much prefer KA Candlelight….

I wonder if they’re really metal, maybe that’s the justification for the price? I’d still buy the foundation/contour brush in a heartbeat tho

Absolutely love it, although it does remind me of the 90s for some reason…

Whoever mentioned dior mitzah… That one is a beauty and one of my most prized makeup items for sure, totally understandable.

I’m like others and can’t say I care too much about missing any particular […]

I’d buy it just for the highlighter! But really I love the blushes too, looks beautiful!

That looks awesome for darker skin tones! Too dark for me I’m afraid tho

I don’t think it’d do well on me, I love candlelight tho! Looks beautiful on you

Oh they all look beautiful… I’m especially liking the looks of the eyeliner!

They look beautiful. For the more serious collector than me tho!

Hot Fudge looks amazing, but I caved on the first chocolate bar and sadly, regret it.

My gosh these are freaking amazing!! Do you know where they ship from? I went to the site but just to browse, I didn’t know if it’s U.S. based…

These are so cute!!

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