Im going to pass i have both lorac palettes.

I am NW45 in mac and i want to purchase all the kelly lippies and the 219 brush. I tried on 6/2 but i wasnt fast hopefully next time if not i will be taking an early for the mac counters.

I am currently wearing mac auburn lippencil and mac dahilia lipstick .

I use my vanitygirl brodway mirror, i luv luv luv did i say luv my and i also have a close up mirror i purchased from target with an magnfiy mirror which i love.

Going to purchase a couple lippies and sassy moss fluidline,taking an early lunch,lol to make sure i get everything i want.thank u for the detailed also happy that i have the old stereo

I will be purchasing booth fluidlines and 2 lippies. Cant wait i have a mac store and retail close to my job. Will be taking an early oh im happy i have the old stereo rose.

I also brought an extra lippie and lipglass l luv this frkst lippie and its proceeds is going to a greater cause.

Just want to start off by saying i luv luv the packing. I am NW45 in mac and i luv luv luv riri glam lippie and lipglass. I wore mac brick lipliner with the viva glam lippie with the viva glam gloss and it was […]

I ordered radiant magenta I hope it shows up on my NW45 skintone, I will play around with it and try to mk it work for me but if not bck to Sephora it

Hello i purchased radiant magenta do you think it will show up on my NW45 skintone?

My go to blush brushs are mac 129,168 and my old school billy B # 1and #3 brush. highlighting mac#188 and contour mac 109 & mac 163(LE)

hello I just ordered the ambient blush in radiant magenta hope I luv it as much as there limited edtion palette that I

Most used palettes are naked and naked3 .least used naked2;-)

Great detail review. I already purchased the nars palette. I luv the few singles i have which are mekong,persia,and galapagos and i love them so purchasing the palette i was thinking it was a great deal. I hope i […]

Hello i never been to imats ,but i would love to go. Dont have to many friends that love make up like i i would probably have to go by myself:-(

Hello i was wondering what does the l and ll means on the side of the eyeshadow names? On the narsississt palette

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