Christine, do you think a novel romance is comparable to Viva Glam Gaga? I loved that lipstick so much and I still keep the bullet to remind me how much I awesome it was!

Does it bleed or transfer? All of this lip creams look lovely!

But thankfully this website exists!

That how I manage to get my UD and TF products, I think it’s a little more expensive because it […]

Pretty blush, quad and glosses. Isn’t bountiful brown a permanent shade of the powerpoint eye pencils?

I’m really shocked that the product I’m most excited about is the quad! Generally the quads are the most disappointing product of a collection (from my point of view)

OMG I want all of them! Like really! I’m going tomorrow to a MAC counter to find out if they will be available on my country (pray for me lol). If not I’ll have to find a reliable place to buy online (plus the […]

Very pretty color! Love it, wish I could have it but I’m pretty sure it won’t hit stores in my country :'( too bad!

Love the name of the quad and packaging but they don’t perform well enough to make me wanna buy it, the shadows are pretty dupeable too, I think there are better alternatives for the price point

I just LOVE how this looks! I def see MUAs reaching for this for photoshoots since it looks gorgeous!
I don’t see myself wearing this because I’m not the most careful person so it would ger everywhere lol… and […]

I wear concealer on a daily basis because I just cover trouble spots and redness, so my daily makeup routine consists on concealer, setting powder, mascara, a little blush and lipgloss, very natural but looks flawless!

Toying around is comming home with me if it hits stores in my country (hardly 1/3 of the collections arrive which is heartbreaking to say the least)

I own Turkish Delight and I really like how it look and I didn’t find it too sticky or thick, but the “scent” of plastic/wax drove me crazy! It’s good to hear they removed that aspect in the new formula so I might […]

MAC Flamingo Lipstick <3

Really? Try $39 :( I’d gladly pay $7

UNBELIEVABLE! I have to pay $40 shipping to get the eyeliners…. sooooo unfair! Some sites have more flexible shipping rates and more shipping options :( I hate my life right now

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