Hmm…there are several things that I’m trying to find the HG of. As far as cosmetics, I’m having the most trouble finding an HG version of bullet lipstick–I can’t find a formula my lips are happy everyday with.

I haven’t actually counted. I know I have a basket full of lipsticks I no longer use but keep for swatching purposes. I THINK it’s less than 100. I’m not counting all the mini’s either.

I think in the military they forbid colorful makeup–foundation/concealer can be ok bc they can’t see it but any color cosmetics is a different story.

To be honest, I STILL think makeup is girly and superficial (I can’t seem to get away from that bias–perhaps bc in my locale, people tend to use makeup to look feminine and pretty). But it’s also a lot of other […]

SOOOOO true!

Can you comment on the cremesheen pearl formula when you review? I’m not familiar with MAC.

Your sister sounds like my Mom. She does the EXACT same thing–rags on me about wearing makeup but whenever she knows pictures will be taken, she’ll be running to me for help. I’ve learned to take it literally: […]


There is ACTUALLY maple syrup AND agave nectar in this. That’s hilarious to me for some reason–it’s like I’m examining a package of actual food. I really love the look of this but the flavor doesn’t sound […]

Your skin tone/coloring: NC20, dark hair and dark eyes. My skin TYPE is probably more important for this question so I’m combination with sensitive skin.

Your go-to cleanser right now? Cerave Foaming Facial […]

Rave: I love how they don’t tend to have as many volatile silicones as liquid versions and that they tend to be full coverage. Rant: The heavy waxes in many stick concealers can be pore-clogging–so acne-prone […]

Sugared Maple is lovely–I guess I’ll just have to wait for dupe mentions.

LOL! I’ve also been in the same red lipstick situation! “How did THAT get on my forehead?!”

First buy the stuff I plan on using right away–and stuff that I know works. Don’t stock up–my skin changes with the changing seasons and each season needs its own routine anyway–beauty products DO expire after […]

The hunt typically ends for products I don’t use often–like for the perfect gold glitter liner or the perfect powder bronzer. Once my skin changes (in tone or type) like it does throughout the year, then all bets are off.

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So I use bronzer for actual bronzing–like sun-kissed skin (not contouring). I’m about NC20 (I’m a pale olive with some pink and yellow tones) and I really love Too Faced Bronzed and Poreless. It never looks […]

Ditto. It’s different, that’s for sure.

What HG beauty product(s) have you been loving consistently for the last few years and why?

If you were about to get portraits taken, what products and/or makeup look would you choose and why?

For an […]

Agreed. There are many brands I like to track and it can be dizzying–I’ve seriously given up on tracking MAC collections. I just skim right over.

It’s not that hot here (70s at most) so I’m liking Citrix SPF 40–it’s a sunscreen but I don’t need moisturizer when I wear it. When it starts climbing to the 80s, I love Cerave Moisturizing Lotion or Glycolix […]

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