Good skincare is not optional–especially sunscreen.


Depends. I’m going to assume if this question is asked, there is some reluctance to fork over for high-end (bc if there was no reluctance, the question wouldn’t be whether it’s worth it).

Friends have asked me […]

When you review, can you comment on the hydration on these?

Your skin tone/coloring: My coloring? Don’t you want to know my hair type? That influences the products you pick. I’m light olive with dark eyes & hair. My straight hair is medium textured, shoulder-length, […]

“What are your best tips and tricks for making your makeup pop when wearing glasses? ”

“Making makeup POP when wearing glasses?” Well, go colorful and/or bold if you want your makeup to stand out–glasses or […]

How is Thrilling compared to Too Faced Melted Berry? I’ve been trying to find a hydrating version of that shade and this looks close…

The absolutely best way is to take the plunge: DIY by practicing everyday and/or just hand someone good with makeup a colorful palette and ask them to do one. I think a lot of people get “used” to their own face […]

Haul: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye

Weekend Plans: Work. Laundry. Yoga.

What is/was your favorite animated/cartoon character? WHOA–where to start. I’m a huge fan of animation. Let’s see, I like The Little […]

Price per ounce: If it’s something I’ll use often and/or finish up before it “expires”–then this is an important consideration.

Total price: If it’s something I most likely won’t finish before it “expires” (a […]

I suck at finding dupes. I tend to just buy whatever works (bc my sensitive flakey combo oily skin is super picky). Below, I’ve listed several drugstore products that outdid many higher-end counterparts for me. […]

Your skin tone/coloring: Pale olive

Favorite eyeliner to add a pop of color? Tarina Tarantino Spark of Envy, Sephora My Boyfriend’s Jeans, and Sephora Fairytale

Favorite long-wearing foundation? Revlon […]

NARS Amour. But I’ve been leaning towards pinks lately so I’ve been rotating btw Makeup Geek First Love, NARS Sex Fantasy and Tarte Dollface.

I like Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil bc it’s super gentle and my skin finds the bi-phase one irritating. I also like Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm–that one is also gentle.

It was NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita before I developed an allergy to it. STILL looking for a dupe.

That was my experience too! I had to exchange brushes twice to get a non-scratchy blush brush (pink handle). Same with the expert face brush–and the only decent one I found is still nowhere as soft as my friend’s […]

Rave: Overall, I really like Sephora. I only go in-store once or twice a year. I love how I can get samples if I’m not sure about something and like people say, a one stop shop. I also like how I’m not pushed into […]

Yup, got some dance wear and some jazz sneakers for my mom (she’s adorable–she’s taking her first dance class ever!) For myself: dermstore haul: Solbar Zinc Sunscreen and Dermatopix hand cream (non-greasy, […]

On my list!

I’m sooo glad i stumbled onto your comment bc I need to make a dermstore haul as well! Do you happen to be a Dr. Bailey fan? I see that you have gotten some of her favorites. I just got the Citrix and have been loving it.

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