Absolutely not. Many claims sound exaggerated at best to me–to the point where I’m instinctively skeptical of claims that even have research backing it (sometimes I need to read the study itself). I’m quite sure […]

Unscented! I’m allergic to a lot of fragrances. If a masking fragrance is needed, then let it be something mild or soft.

Considering this is what I’ve been wanting MAC to do (pull LE formulas into the permanent line-up) I’m pretty excited. Good move, MAC.

My new spring favorite so far is a sunscreen–Citrix SPF 40. My sensitive combo-flakey skin can freak out if a sunscreen is too emollient or drying but this strikes a nice balance. It’s emollient enough that I can […]

Oh my goodness! I wish I knew about these during the sale! I just did a lipstick haul too–I might get these anyway just to try. Do you find these hydrating?

Just got the #1 Palette in today! I’m so excited to see all the swatches–it looks better than I thought. I’ll have to play around with it tomorrow–never used MUFE shadow before.

Your skin tone/coloring: Light olive skin, dark hair & eyes

Do you find sales associates useful? Sometimes. When I need help finding products they’re usually really good about that.

What was your best […]

Right?! Fireball and Tonic were all gone when I checked this evening. I was actually able to add Sideline to my cart but it RAN OUT right before I placed my order! Slipped right through my fingers!!! Not meant to […]

This looks lovely. Bit more yellow than I’d prefer though. I might give it a shot anyway.

Pearly Plum looks great! Same with the purples!

Oops–they’re all “Enamored.” I meant to say, Pink Steam.

Enamored looks lovely. I’ll have to check these out in person at some point.

It really depends. If it’s someone I likely won’t see again but can’t excuse myself, I say, “It CAN be superficial” in an agreeable tone with an emphasis on the “CAN” and then leave it there. I think that conveys […]

Your skin coloring sounds very similar to mine–thank you so much for commenting. I was wondering about the Cover FX Concealer and whether it would work for my skin type (combo–>dry patches on oily skin) and […]

I used to be oily as well but I’m now combo with dry patches on cheeks. Could it be the foundation AND the powder together that’s bothering you? If I dry my skin out–it gets flakey and overproduces oil. Revlon […]

“Rain or shine.” I remember reading somewhere that skin cancer (or was it specifically melanoma?) is more prevalent in the Pacific Northwest (known for rain) –even more so than Florida (the Sunshine State). I […]

I’m also hauling the custom cover drops! Thanks for commenting on how drying it can be–I’ll be sure to mix it first with more moisturizing bases first. Someone commented that the G series isn’t too yellow so I’m […]

Christine has a great answer! Being choosy about brands can be important. I want to make sure I’m paying for a carefully formulated product preferably by a pharmaceutical or similar that pays attention to quality […]

Well, in product reviews–the person generally has to be a good writer (or good in speech, photography, video–depending on whether this is a review for an online-store, a blog, or a vlog). I say good writers bc […]

Some high-end beauty brands feature packaging I find too garish for my own personal taste. I cringe on sight–and that’s the only attention it will get from me (unfortunately–gaudy packaging aside, some of these […]

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