I was hoping these would perform better as I had several on my list. Christine, what is the brown eyeliner you have on your bottom lash line?

Thanks, you do a fantastic job and I really appreciate all you do.

I jumped through hoops to get this palette and now learning that it is going to perm. While I am excited that it will be perm, not excited for the what I didn’t to obtain this beauty, but of course, we would all […]

I ordered this when it was available for VIP at Sephora, it should be here on Friday. Thank you so much for the review and swatches, much appreciated for all your hard work and dedication to the cosmetic world.


Gorgeous, I am looking forward to your review. I am worried that the “peach” blush is to “orangey” for my NW15 skin tone.


This blush is GORGEOUS and perfect for me, I can see me using this as my “go to – daily” blush. I will definitely be getting this shade. Looking forward to Melon and Fig review.


I am anxious to see how this compares to the last years blush as they look close to the same for me. I bought both last year and prefer not to purchase this years edition if they are same or similar. […]

I am SOLD, thank you Christine. I have been avoiding these brushes and going for the Tom Ford and Chanel brushes, but if you find that they are equal, but less expensive, I am going to check them out. Thank you […]

Gorgeous color, coral is my favorite. I thought this was a permanent shade already.

Christine, please confirm if this is the lip balm for men?


Christine, Will you be reviewing these lipsticks? I am curious about your thoughts on Black Dahlia.


Happy New Year…..Where do you get the beads and what containers do you recommend?


I purchased both blushes and both work for me. I am NW15….thank you for your reviews….PS, I also purchased the Dior Peach Splendor for Spring 2015. Will you be reviewing this as well?

I am SOOOOOOOOOO love this color…This is the year that I actually LOVE the Pantone Color. I am looking forward to the entire year of this color.

I just ordered them from the Chanel website. Looking forward to your review and receiving the blushes.

The JC blush in Angelique and the Jardin de Chanel Blush in Camelia Rose will be mine. Any idea when it is due to release?


Christine, thanks again for all your hard work and dedication. I bought Bliss and Love Affair based in your reviews. I bought Spellbound before you had an opportunity to review and I do not regret it. I am so in […]

Please tell me how you made the Pedro work?

I have my eye on Romance, Head Over Heels, Honeymoon, Love Affair and Spellbound. They all look gorgeous and I am looking forward to your reviews.

When will this be available for purchase on the BM website?

I didn’t order anything other than the blush. I was going to wait for your reviews on the others.

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