Yes – the shoe choices we sooo disappointing!

I’m just kind of meh about this too – I don’t think the packaging is that great, especially when compared to Alluring Aquatics and Temperature Rising. And so many permanent and repromotes. Good for my wallet I […]

This is perfect – this is what I wish Tarte Exposed was for me. I love Exposed – but it’s sometimes too pink. This might be a must buy.

I often mix two foundations together to get the right shade or sometimes to get better staying power. Occasionally if a foundation is too matte I’ll mix in a luminizing primer – or recently I’ve been trying the […]

I think of what I already own that is similar and how that needs some love before I buy anything else. I also try to think of what else I need to put my money towards (home improvement, savings, new clothes for […]

I’ve been able to use my 20% coupon in the past on an IT Brush- when it was for Prestige products. It depends on which 20% off coupon you get – some people get one for non-prestige only and some for everything. […]

This is my favorite concealer for undereye circles – nothing covers like it and stays all day. It is the best and a tube lasts forever!

Oh – I so want this brush. I have the RT Expert Face Brush and it’s pretty good – but after I bought the IT Live BeautyFully Blush Brush, my RT brushes are getting no love. I want to slowly convert all my brushes […]

I love that I can get an extra day out my hair, and use them for volume.

I hate that they leave my hair looking a little gray and some do smell horrible – or leave my hair sticky.

The best for smell and […]

I love this and would have bought it today – but I am not VIB Rouge. I feel like they should just make things available to everyone at the same time. If this “sells out” before it gets to the rest of use VIBs and […]

Frankly, when you posted a tease about these all I could think was that these are totally unnessary and gimmicky – unless they proved to be amazing quality. If I felt compelled to bring a makeup wipe with me to […]

I would second this – I use it everyday as both moisturizer and sunscreen and it works great!

I was in a Sally’s and dropped a polish I was holding, then promptly turned around a knocked a 2nd one off the clearance table. Luckily they were both on clearance and I bought three others.

And Mystical the only shade I wanted sold out in under 6 minutes – from the time I put it in my bag to the time I went to check out with the eyeshadow I had picked! Gah!

These are beautiful – but I wonder – are they really worth $35. The Maybelline Color Elixirs have some gorgeous colors, stay fairly well – maybe not 5 hours – and are like $7. For lip gloss – I think those will […]

Such a pretty color! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

I thought the same thing – I have a very similar top from Target! And I love it!

Wet N Wild Mega Last Through the Grapevine.

That is soooo pretty – but I don’t need another blush. I feel like I already have something similar. Does anyone have Milani Mineral Blush in Mai Tai – I feel that they are similar – but Mai Tai is more red/coral […]

This may be one launch I’m actually excited about – I did not pick up Full of Joy when it launched last year and I really wanted it. It’s one shade I do not have anything like. Cannot wait!

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