Hi christine! how does this compare to mac harmony blush? thanks :)

chrstine – how similar are show orchid and pink poodle? thanks:)

christine, are you sure it doesnt have any shimmer? ibought this and it has tiny little silver shimmers in it.
thanks :)

hi christine – how does this compare to the hourglass ambient lighting powders? which one do you think gives the closest effect on the skin? thanks! :)

hey christine!
is it just me or is your spot fading a little bit? i love your natural lip colour btw :) so pretty

i would wear it with minimal make up :)

hey christine!
i need helpppp!! Im trying to decide between skinny jeans and birthday suit, which one would you say is better!? thanks x :)

hi christine!
do you know whether it will be instores for the holiday collection? thanks!

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