I need everything, that blush set specially…

No problem for me, it will be awhile before I can travel to the US and then get the palette (and some other makeup items) 😉

I hope they make it a permanent palette (like they did the powders) since I don’t live in the US and won’t be able to pick it up this holiday season… It does seem gorgeous and like a good value.


I don’t own the first Naked Basics (yet!) and this looks so pretty, unfortunately cool tones are not for me. I might buy it once I buy the first one, so I could use this one as an accent palette maybe.

How can ALL the shades be gorgeous? I specially liked the Dominique one. I don’t have anything like that in my collection. Good luck testing all those lipsticks, Christine lol. Can’t wait for your reviews!

I would love it if we had Too Faced, Tarte, Beauty Blender, Bobbi Brown and also Bath and Body Works here in Brazil… But most of all I wish makeup and cosmetics in general weren’t so expensive! We pay double the […]

I would maybe buy one or 2 extre ELF’s eyebrow kit in medium because it’s such and awesome product and great match for my eyebrows, but I wouldn’t go crazy if it were discontinued (since I live in Brazil and we […]

Although I love my makeup products I don’t think I have any irreplaceable item. Also since it takes anybody forever to finish up a makeup item, once you’re done with it you may want to look for something […]

Black Ivy looks like such a gorgeous shade! I have to have it

This blush went right into my wishlist. I can’t pull off cool toned pinks bc of my warm skin so this seems awesome.

Just like their beautiful pink gloss named Beige lol

They’re all such gorgeous shades! Are they LE?

I feel like Girl Meets Pearl leans a bit warmer than that. Both are gorgeous, though.

Oh wow! That is such a gorgeous shade! And it looks very pigmented from the swatches. I love my black gel liner, but it’s fun to change it up sometimes. I’ll have to check it out.

I always try to do some research before buying a product, but that doesn’t always happen if there’s a good deal or something. And also I sometimes find myself buying products that people have hated, maybe because […]

Full of Joy is a gorgeous shade, it’s a shame cool tones don’t compliment my skin very well!

Wow! This is THE color for your cheeks! You look so gorgeous, really suited your skin tone!

I was seriously considering picking up this palette since I’ve hit pan on my beloved Orgasm blush and don’t own Laguna or Devotee, but I wasn’t impressed by Devotee’s swatches! And if the brush isn’t awesome, this […]

I don’t really use their tints on my lips, don’t think they work very well for that but after your review about the staying power on the cheeks, I’ll definitely be picking this up when I can! I have difficulty […]

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