Definitely my Naked 2. Tease, Bootycall and Blackout (as liner, or to set liquid liner) are my go to eyeshadows. However, the new Tartelette Palette is quickly becoming my new favorite.

I always just bought the lightest shade, thinking it would be pale enough for my vampire skin, but most of the time it ended up looking way too dark and orange. My only matches so far are NARS Siberia and Makeup […]

I’m still not over how bad Coven performed. It could have been the perfect lavender color, but nah. If anyone knows a possible dupe, let me know :).

Mac Myth. I am very pale and it looks orange and just horrible on me. Bought it “blind” because I heard that it’s supposed to be great for fair skin. Nope. Such a shame because I love it on others. Don’t get me […]

Did not expect to like this at all, but i actually think it looks nice. Call me crazy, but I can see this being used as a cream eyeshadow too :D.

UD Revolution lipsticks, YSL Rouge Volupte, NARS Sheer Glow and, as others have said, the Naked palettes.

The signature red color made sense, but this? No thank you. The design is pretty, but ridiculous and seemingly unhandy at the same time. Also, if the headline didn’t say Christian Louboutin, I’d have guessed Kat […]

Yes, definitely! Probably together with a few other colors and a new bottle of Sheer Glow in Siberia. Thank you so much for taking the time to swatch everything. It’s super helpful, as I don’t have access to a […]

Dominique is exactly my kind of color, love it!

A Novel Romance seems like a more wearable version of Saint Germain. How do they compare?

Love the shape of the lip products since it seems perfect for people with thin lips like me. Sometimes I find it hard to work with lipsticks because they can lack precision due to being a bit wide for my lips. […]

I’m a little jealous of the seemingly generous return policies in the US. Where I live, you can’t return a beauty product once it has been opened / used. Which is why I have 5 foundations that are too dark for me. […]

Beauty Blender! I didn’t understand how a sponge could be so hyped up until I tried it…and now it’s my favorite method of applying liquid foundation. Plus, I found a dupe that costs only around 3 bucks and works […]

Your skin tone/coloring: super pale, neutral
Type of beauty products you skimp on? eye makeup remover, mascara and pencil liner
Type of beauty products you splurge on? eyeshadow, concealer, foundation, spf and […]

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