I know crystal beige looks average here but on my skin it is beautiful. One of my favorite browns ever. I see you have it as permanent. It was LE for the lonest time and I would buy palletes that contained […]

I think this is perfect in every way!

Red Blazer, please!

Thought bubbles-“Le sigh, mommy and her makeup”.

WOW! This looks so wild for Chanel, I LOVE it!

Ok, that makes sense!!!

I don’t know if it is just me but the Subra looks more purple on your eye as an eyeliner than the swatch. Was there one of the pink shades under it that did that (changed the color) or am I just not seeing this […]

These are probably the first promo pics by Illamasqua I have ever liked. It makes me want to purchase many items in there spring line! Those nail polishes, oh gosh!

What big puppy! I have had only Pugs and Westies.the past 15 years and can’t believe how big he was at 15 weeks!

What are your other favorites?


I personally think it is crazy. We first used surgery to save lives as a last resort, it was considered a big deal and something to avoid if possible. Now we use it for vanity. Surgery is such a drastic assault […]

I wish my dogs liked water!

I have a question. We’re these applied wet in your eyelook?

I love purple eyeshadow and my heart is fluttering looking at these swatches right now! Seriously

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