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This is a review for Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof. I’m guessing to include this here, as I don’t see a spot for anything but the regular Eye Contour. 🙂
Baby Blues: This opened easily and stayed firm upon a smooth gel-like application that applied opaque on one swipe. The color is a beautiful shimmering frosty…[Read more]

This is a review for Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof, marked as Exclusive. I’m putting this pencil review here because it is a contour eye pencil, just a different kind w/o category yet.
– This was a mess to open. The tip broke instantly and smeared all over my hands. A deep cool toned navy liner, this was a SOB to…[Read more]

I am SO IMPRESSED with this liner! 😀 Gliding effortlessly, this cooled gel liner opaquely, in one swipe, applies the most beautiful, not dupable, glimmering silvery fine-glittery, perfect CHARCOAL GRAY!!! I can wear this multiple ways! One pass on the upper lash line is magical! It brightens, opens, and enhances eyes brilliantly & effortlessly…[Read more]

I’m in love with these liners! OMG! They are the most gentle liners EVER yet! This applies so smoothly, all I can do is repeat the word EFFORTLESS. A brightening light/medium beautiful shimmery mint/emerald/teal/aqua polychromatic color that looks STUNNING tight-lining, upper or lower lash lining! In one swipe, I get insane payoff, but in two, I…[Read more]

***IMPORTANT: I have learned that each color of these liners look TOTALLY DIFFERENT ON EVERYONE DEPENDING ON THEIR SKIN COLOR!!!! This unique shimmering beauty first appeared a glistening iridescent silver on me. Subsequent passes led this into a duochromatic opaque shade of GLITTERING Bellflower pale blue/lilac! An enticing shade on, enlivens the…[Read more]