Ooooo! I wish they had done this in the first place!!! And they’re rereleasing belladonna?!? That tube sells for over $100 on ebay. I’ve never been able to get it.

Brow makeup coming off unevenly at the waterpark.

I always keep backups for certain products I always use. Like my brow pencil and face primer. I have brought backups for certain limited edition items as well. The big items I purchased a backup of are the Disney […]

Today (well, now it’s yesterday) I did UD Backfire with UD Ether on top. I put Kat Von D Tijuana in the outer corner and smudged that into the pink mixture on the lid. Came out fantastic! A pinky-smokey eye! […]

So far I have the origal 7 shades of these & Scorpio and Ether. These are addicting!!! Glittery shades for grown ups!

Lime Crime!!!! Never buy from them. I did once and it was a disaster. I had to fight to get my money back.

I wish Sephora did preorders. I’ll need to snag this.

I feel like tarte gets very redundant. It doesn’t have the wow factor.

The only one I got was Silver Sun, my Nordstroms sold out of everything in the first few hours. And I love that one, but since I feel like it has to be used wet I’ve had to ration it out. Now I can pink up the […]

OMG!!! They’re making the Alluring Aquatic one permanent?!? I’m still sore about missing some of those. !!!!!!!!!

The Too Faced melted strawberry is a new must have for me. Over the past few years I’ve gotten “you look like Taylor Swift” comments, but now that I’ve been wearing that ALOT I’ve been getting it more than usual. […]

Maybe you’ll get your wish when Finding Dory comes out next year. Personally, I automatically though of Wreck it Ralph because of all the candy colors in the Sugar Rush game. But if I really thought about it I’m […]

Backfire is the only thing that caught my interest for the whole summer collection. Very pretty

Ooooh!! I’m so glad that blush is now available individually.

All these shades are great!! I bought the first four when they came out, but now I need to go buy all the new shades too. My poor wallet.

I keep track of everything in my head other than MAC lipstick shades. I have a list of those going. I have to do this because I own about 125 different MAC lipstick shades they are constantly repromoting things or […]

To have it be a pop culture collaboration. Disney is a good example of that. If it has the disney logo on it then I’m sure to get suckered in.

I’m very interested in Royal Wink because it looks similar to the cream eyeshadow in Kat Von D’s Momento Mori palette. These was back when she did the rubberized packaging and is long dried up. I’ve never used a […]

Put down the tweezers!!! …I ruined the hair follicles from over tweezing my brows as a teenager.

When I go to the Dallas Stars games I tend to do a green/black smokey eye with flecks of gold.

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