I shed a little tear every time carbon ruins a palette… they seriously need to redo the formula, or stop including it!!!

Living legend and styled in sepia look really awesome! I can’t wait for these to come out! I’ve been loving matte lips lately!

this is extremely underwhelming to me! the lipsticks are nice, but nothing really stands out to me! the eye palette is probably the most disappointing because of that carbon! they need to stop including it in these palettes!

I would wear them with neutral eyes and lips as a flush of color!

I would wear sushi kiss with a neutral eye with a pop of blue on the lower lashline!

I think you forgot to fill in the application number for fishnet! 😀

the third shadow is so gorgeous! I love the pigmentation of it 😀

I would use atlantica (the mint shade) as a pop of color around the inner tearduct with an otherwise neutral eye!

I would wear Rising Sun over my vegas volt lipstick with bronze eye makeup 😀

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