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Haul: I’m trying to save up for my birthday in a couple of weeks, so I practiced a great deal of self restraint and only bought one thing — the new UD concealer — for the Sephora VIB sale. So far I love it! I […]

Too bad this one didn’t perform well. It was the one I was looking forward to the most. I guess the good thing is it’s so dupeable I’m not terribly disappointed.

I learned a lot of tips and tricks through magazines, probably Sassy or Seventeen. But YouTube videos also helped expand my knowledge.

I wasn’t initially looking forward to this one, but after reading your review I’m definitely going to check it out. It looks gorgeous on you! Here’s hoping the other shades perform just as well!

SO happy to see Fireball performed well and has a Temptalia recommendation! That was the one shade based on the sneak peek that I was really looking forward to. Looks like it might be a good alternative to X. For […]

I think the swatch for Silent Nude is missing!

Usually I just check to see of a brand is cruelty-free. If it’s an indie brand I’ve never heard of, then I’ll look up reviews, return policy, etc.

I was really interested in both Acai and Petite Red. But I already have, and love Rebel, and the texture issues just aren’t worth it. I thought Petite Red would be more like Mac Red Balloon, but after looking at […]

I guess it would also have to be the Naked 1 palette followed by Naked Basics 1(although I probably use the latter more often these days). Even if I don’t use them exclusively, there’s always at least one shade […]

Omg. Lol!

Excited to read your reviews on the lipsticks. I’m mostly curious to see how Acai and Petite Red compare to Rebel and Red Balloon, respectively.

Oh no, I love about half of these. At least they’re only $8 so I won’t feel guilty if I go a little crazy. ;) Can’t wait to read your reviews!

Thank you so much for the suggestion! I never even considered browner corals, will definitely have to check some out.

I honestly don’t own any coral lipstick. I have a really hard time finding one that’s flattering on my olive skin tone. Sometimes they’re too bright and/or they clash with my skin tone. Or they’re too light and […]

I have the UD brush, and while I don’t own the IT one, I’ve seen/felt it in person so I know it’s a lot denser. I have the Sigma kabuki foundation brush — I don’t remember the name but it’s the round top one — […]

You’re tearing me apart Ulta! Sorry, I had to. ;) Love your avatar by the way.

I saw this at Ulta the other day and it felt so nice and dense. I was considering buying it, but after your review, I’m definitely going to! I especially appreciate that you mentioned the handle hasn’t picked up […]

I guess I react the same way I do when any new product is released, regardless of hype. My interest is based on several factors, a brand that I regularly buy from; available in colours I’d wear; formula that suits […]

I have several times! My hair is naturally almost black and I’ve dyed it blonde, red, pink and purple at various times (not all at the same time). I’ve also drastically changed my hair in terms of length. I […]

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