I buy a lot of bright lipsticks because they look pretty on other people. But I always feel like I look so unnatural with them on.

These look way too dry and matte for me. They’d emphasize every imperfection and line on my lips.

Lipgloss, highlighters and contouring products.

I thought this looked really interesting but I’m definitely not gonna buy something that will make me look sick!

I love this! I can’t resist anything lavender and I’ve been wanting to try a Clinique blush.

I’m so sick of MAC and their limited edition collections that sell out instantly. There are plenty of other brands I can spend my money on and not lose sleep over.

Are these permanent? They’re all so pretty.

The price is outrageous considering the size of those wipes. I’d rather just use a baby wipe!

Yet another red lipstick!

I like the packaging but I don’t find any of these all that unique. Clear water is pretty but it reminds me of impossibly sweet.

Mystical looks really pretty. I’ll probably just get that one. It’s not so unique but I love the packaging!

Do you think sea me, hear me is too warm for an nw15?

How does Gilty morsel compare to retrospeck?

How does adored compare to porcelain pink?

If it’s a powder product like eyeshadow or blush, then I know it’s pretty easy to clean. I wouldn’t trust any used lip products though.

I just love how pretty this looks in the pan- but do I need it if I have blazing haute?

I just ordered this. I’m an nw15-20 so I think it’ll look good!

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