I was really admiring Feel the Fever, when I realized it looks almost exactly the same as Fathoms Deep from last year’s summer collection. I bet this is an even prettier, more sparkly version. These are so […]

Nirvana Black. I loooove that perfume!!

I’m so disappointed in all of these palettes! They look pretty, but that seems to be about it. Definitely skipping.
Christine, I really like the eyeliner you’re wearing in this look. What is it? (I don’t think I […]

Hi Christine!
I hope I’m not too late to ask this. I’ve been looking to dupe Illamasqua’s Compliment quad forever, because I love the shades, but the quality isn’t there. I’ve had the most issues finding a shade […]

Your skin tone/coloring: NW 20/23 (fair, neutral/cool)
Best brand for lipstick? I enjoy MAC’s and Urban Decay’s new revolution formula
Best brand for eyeshadow? I’d say urban decay has the most consistently […]

I believe that Orly’s Galaxy Girl is pretty close to Formidable. At least it was in the original Venomous Villains release :)

Looking at Sak’s website, it says that it’s only available in stores. Bummer, I’m nowhere close to a Saks. :(

Hmm, it’s odd! The new one seems like it has longer bristles and the bristles don’t seem as thick as the old brush. I still like both of them, but I just thought the difference was fairly noticeable!

I’m so glad you put this list together, I’ve been slowly grabbing some backups and trying new eye brushes! Thank you Christine!!
Oh and by the way, have you or anyone else here recently purchased a 239 brush? I […]

I love purpleish brownish eyeshadows like #4 because I really feel like they make green eyes pop. The two shades like this that I find myself reaching for often are MAC’s Haux and Sable. They’re also really easy […]

I haven’t, but that combination sounds like that would be pretty! I’ll try that out tomorrow, if I can remember to take Cherry Swing out of my purse tonight :)

Wow Christine! Thank you for doing a list like this! I love when you make recommendations like this :)
My must haves are:

Eyes: Something that lasts long. I’m with Katie in that I love MAC’s Jest. I like to […]

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