I told my husband I wasn’t going to buy anything until Sephora has their 20% off sale, however I don’t think he knows what he got himself into…waiting a whole year and buying it all at once, what was he […]

Can you add the link, I can’t seem to find it.

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I have quite a few highlighters but my favorites are: Becca Opal (liquid and powder I just couldn’t decide they were both so amazing) and Nars Copacabana with MAC Silver Dusk on top—can you say gorgeous combination?!

Thank you for reviewing this! I actually bought this palette because I couldn’t wait. I know the price hike is ridiculous but I’m late on the LM bandwagon and don’t have any of the previous Artist palette. I got […]

I was looking at Old Hollywood but am thinking about skipping it. I’ll swatch it to see how it’d look as a highlighter though, never thought to use them like that. Your last picture with the Pleasure Model + […]

Thank you Christine…this is why we love you so, you care!!

I bought an eyelash curler because you raved about it so much and mine had been pulling out my lashes but I have to agree with the above user. I paid for it on the 3rd and 10 ten days later I have yet to get a […]

Do you clean them before you reuse them or just reapply glue and slap ’em on??

I know this doesn’t really go with the question but thought this could be asked here: I’d the eyelashes don’t say reusable then they’re not reusable right? I’m new to this and got three sets and only one says […]

The three $10 kits I just scored at Sephora!!!

I would wear it over UD Half Baked in a gold/brown smokey eye!

I’m with you on that! I’m using Johnson and Johnson’s Natural Foaming baby soap, works like a charm!!

…but at 2.5 hours I’ll pass

I really like Who’s that Chick and wasn’t expecting to like anything from this collection…

There’s also this for Bath and Body Works as well
(hopefully it works?!)

Clarisonic Cleansing System…I’ve heard good things about this!!

You’re welcome I hope you enjoy it. The tomatoes and basil cooking reminded me of Italy…it was delicious!

I made this and added feta for a little extra. You could use just plain spaghetti though.

I would wear MAC Neon Orange Lipstick with a neutral smokey eye using the Urban Decay Naked palette with shimmer-y cheeks.

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