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I’m fairly cool toned and thought this cool-toned eyeshadow quad would look good on me. I returned it because after using it, my eyes just looked dirty. I do like the quality of Chanel’s quads though and own another.

Very warm. This is one of the few nail polishes I’ve ever returned. It’s a lovely shade of salmon pink but it made my hands look jaundiced and terrible.

Butter London tries to cover up the typically unpleasant smell of nailpolish remover by drowning it in a baby powder-like scent. I find it more bothersome than regular remover. I much prefer Zoya’s remover both for its performance and veritable lack of smell.

It has it’s pluses and minuses depending on what you’re looking for but I like it.

It’s a beige color so it helps cover white tips to minimize VNL. It also dries to a matte looking finish so it’s more obvious with this base coat than others when it’s ready to start laying down the polish. Works well with BL polishes and I’ve used it with Chanel…[Read more]