I was very good (and boring) and just bought hand cream. Zzzzzzz. :) The Supergoop with SPF (live in FL, drive a lot) and the Gerwhol for night time – I started using my Differin gel on my hands too to keep them […]

I see from your post last year that you said you used a concealer brush to dab and then fingers to blend. Is that still how you apply it? (Feel free to ignore/not post this comment if you already been […]

A while back, in a moment of weakness (there are many), I bought the neutral matte palette. The formula is AH-MAY-ZING! Some are a little powdery in the pan, but applied… dreamy!

Have you (or anyone) ever compared the 159 to the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Contour brush? I have the latter but find it a little weak. I wonder if the 159 is better?

Thank you! You just saved me $50!

I’ve been looking out for your review of these. I’m sooooo tempted by Rose Soleil. It looks like what I wanted Pink Dune to be (which is, I know, a pretty different color). PD is too light and frosty for my […]

I tried the Cover Fx drops again today after exfoliating, drinking lots of water, and slapping on some coconut oil yesterday (which I rarely use). Now that my skin is no longer dry, the drops worked great! I added […]

I’ve hauled the Cover FX custom cover drops, Two Faced Melted Fig and Chihuahua (a nude that actually works on me!), Sugar Petal lip Tx, and the MUFE 120 fan brush.

Not quite sure how I feel about the custom […]

I’ve found that putting them in the microwave for several seconds helps. But only in the short term.

“put” in the divider (not but). :)

I use a Hold Me bag. The largest size. (Traveling light has never been my strong suit!) And of course the cute cat print. :) I pack things that can stack flat on the bottom, but in the divider, and then put tubes […]

I’ve had Grisaille over a year now after a visit to San Fransisco and an indulgent trip to Barney’s. It’s a perfect contour shade for me (About N30 – it’s a little light, but I prefer my contour subtle), and I’ve […]

Oohhh… tempting! What is up with the “Wed & Dry Silk” eyeshadows that Nordstrom also has? I assume these replaced the “sheer” eyeshadow range, — many of the names are the same, with new numbers. I assume they […]

Crisis averted! Two trenches and a pale barley ordered from Saks! :)

Whaaa??? How did I miss it being discontinued? Trench is my pretty much the ONLY brow bone shade I use! And I’ve hit pan! Off to Googling I go!

I was like “Oooh, Rosewood… pretty.” Then realized that I own Negligee, Cary, Brun Vintage, and Pink Truffle. Yup, it’s a problem. 😉

Changed my mind. Lurves it! Keeping it! Using it with Garnet from Lorac Pro – Divine!

I had to “run through” Nordstrom the other day and ended up buying 11 (Rose Ashes). It looked like the perfect almost nude slight shimmer eyeshadow. I tried it at home later and I’m not sure I love it. It comes […]

I always forget to subscribe to replies! Of course, I’m just going by swatches and don’t have nearly the info you do by really testing – so sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong! :) I did think 06 would […]

I recently dropped my Tarina Tarantino jewel palette in Dreamy. It was one of the first things i purchased after finding your blog and based on your recommendation. The black and copper shades shattered and I had […]

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