I would wear a neutral eye with double winged liner, black on the bottom and Cockiness on top (for some gold/copper sparkle) with RiRi Woo on the lips for a fun NYE night out. :)

I’d use 12L (the bright teal-blue) with a angled line brush to get a nice, precise winged line, lots of waterproof mascara and a bright pink lip…I’m ready for a warm, sunny beach! :)

These glitters are perfect for holiday parties, but really I would wear these everyday just because I love glitter! I would wear a simple neutral eye with Champagne Wishes all over the lid, black winged liner, […]

My favorite beauty tip (although I know it sounds very cliche, but is so very true!) is that beauty comes from within. Self-confidnece can, and always will, outshine your makeup 1,000 times over. :)

A classic smokey eye with the Masat al Lail quad!

I am most excited for the T3 Featherweight dryer or the Clairsonic. Not because I want them but because they would make for some awesome gifts for a couple of family members this Christmas! :)

I would do a purple smokey eye with Sea Witch and Flotsom, maybe a little of Sick of Swimmin’ in the inner corner to brighten.

I would wear RiRi Woo the same way I always wear a red lip: simple, neutral eyes with a thick, black winged liner, bronzer for contouring and a subtle highlight. Reds like RiRi Woo have to be the star of the show! :)

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