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One of those unique products that I couldn’t resist. It may look scary and possibly unwearable in the tube, but it’s actually a very pretty peach with a little bit of a purple sheen in certain lights, when worn on bare lips. It looks especially interesting when worn over different lip shades since depending on the colour it will bring out the…[Read more]

I was so excited when I saw this palette announced as it’s right up my alley! Not only are the colours eye-catching and beautiful, but the colours are intensely pigmented and apply very well. They really can be built up on the lid, but I find it doesn’t take much at all to get full opacity.
The only downside is that some colours aren’t eye safe,…[Read more]

Unfortunately a case of ‘looks prettier in the container’. I find the colour doesn’t really look as great once applied, although still pretty. I don’t find it to be a true glitter in the way that the other MAC glitters are, I find it more of a metallic pigment. I would always advise using a glitter glue or mixing medium to prevent fallout and to…[Read more]

Really so sad that this is discontinued. Not only is the colour really pretty, but I find these eyeliners especially easy to apply, and nothing compares with how long-lasting they are. I guess the only downside is that they’re particularly difficult to remove.

I really love this shade, as it really is so shimmery and pretty. I tend to use it on the inner corners of the eyes, and it looks especially nice in bridal makeup. I really recommend it!

The longest wearing foundation I have ever used! It really does stay on all day without fading or oxidising. I like the finish, as it is matte, but doesn’t look too matte, I find I still have some texture and light to my face so it’s not dull looking. I always hear people describing this foundation as full coverage, but it is a medium buildable…[Read more]