Mouth, lips & teeth included!

Looks great, hoping for a great review to match? Fingers crossed.

Estee Lauder Nouveau Riche, but needs removing now for a new shade….. oh so many to choose from !!

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Tom Ford Neroli Portofino & Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess for that holiday feel.Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge is also really pretty.

This is my favourite CT quad. Some coppery or overly warm eyeshadows do not suit my more neutral skin tone but these colours really make my bluish eyes pop and are really complimentary. I wouldn’t be put off by it […]

Wow this is so pretty. Really hoping they will ship to UK soon so I can try out some of the products. Thanks for the great reviews as ever Christine! x

Very pretty. Do you think the blush shades could also double up as eyeshadows or is that a no-no?

So far, so disappointing with the Modernist palettes! Looked so promising from a great brand. I wonder if any of them will be a hit. Fingers crossed for the cooler toned palette!

Chanel Inimitable Intense mascara (about the only make up I ever finish is mascara)! And yes I repurchased.

Gorgeous look Christine! Wish these were available in UK :(

Hair & occasional make up tutorials would be good

Nars Raindrops

Never wear them despite not having great lashes. Don’t like the fake look!

How nice for me to actually give a make up tip, and with confidence too! I have been doing this for so many years on a daily basis due to my very straight, fine lashes.

1) Always use eyelash curlers before […]

Has to be eyelash curlers for my straight lashes which go unseen without being curled.

One of Chanel’s Illusion d’Ombres,

Ok enough with the reminder of how many things I want and don’t need! All too tempting. Already caved on the UD Full Frontal, LM Caviar Sticks (6 set) and Ambient Lighting Blush Palette. Lusting after Chanel […]

Stunning Christine! Love the whole look. Not sure if we can get this in UK? Do you know?

Wow! I just looked through all sets of the Rouge G swatches and everyone looks fantastic on you! No wonder they are your favourites (I know you rate the formula highly too) They really do look stunning, in fact […]

Storage system? What storage system!? My mantel piece is full of make up and when it gets too much I just move it around to somewhere else! I am clearly not one of those organised people, although it would be good […]

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