Actually it is called Naked Smoky. It’s even stated in the title of this post.

I have this on my radar because well….it’s UD AND Pulp Fiction

Your skin tone/coloring: NW45
Favorite liquid lipstick formula? None
Favorite highlighter formula? Liquid
Favorite eyeliner formula? Liquid and Pencil are tied with Gel following closely

A MLBB, a red, and an orangey shade

Your skin tone/coloring? NW45
Last eyeshadow(s) you wore? ELF Ocean Blue and Brownie Points creme
Last blush you wore? Milani mix of Luminoso and Corallina
Last lip color you wore? NYX Sponge Cake

L’oreal Face 50. It’s lightweight, doesn’t break me out, doesn’t leave my NW45 face looking like Casper, and wears well under makeup.

Wow the Givenchy looks like it’s a perfect dupe.

No, unless I’m test driving a new product.

oops, I hit post too quickly. I would probably suggest a foundation.

Excellent question.

Now I need to decide btwn this and the Revealed 2 palette. BAH! :)

Nope, they compliment but don’t match.


I think this is a great palette for an everyday look with some attitude mixed in.

Yep. I layer Benefit’s They’re Real with Jordana Best Lash Extreme

NYX Spongecake gloss

eh…depends on the day of the week and what I’m looking for: ease (powder) or staying power ( creme).

I would only “think” about a permanent perfect winged liner, not sure I would carry that out though because as I get older and my eyes change, that might not be so attractive :) Whats nice at 50, may be horrible at 80!

Juice Beauty.

Yes….all four of them

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