if ever in Trinidad we have some of the international brands available here but you guys should check out local brands like SACHA Cosmetics which has some amazingly pigmented eyeshadows, blushes and powder […]

I got the hourglass mineral veil primer, the ambient lighting palette, and the UD ultra definition loose finishing powder from spear during the friends and family sale. The latter two were mainly due to your […]

What are the books that you have? I’d love to read up on the subject of ingredients

love grand pumpkin! I would have enjoyed seeing that colour as a lipstick

absolutely beautiful!!!

these look lovely.. love rain of flowers! might actually give MAC a sniff or two wrt their polish now! can’t wait for full reviews!

some ladies over on specktra mentioned a while back that some MAC stores themselves received shipments of these lipsticks as well. hopefully that does mean that they are made permanent!

love Pool boy! I wish I were brave enough to wear it but kudos to the ladies who do! great colour

I was awaiting your review. I think i’ll take the plunge and get this one! Thanks so much!

you look beautiful

this is cute but really not the kind of packaging I would expect from Guerlain.

I enjoyed it Christine! Really hope it’s not gone for good :)

i’d wear ririwoo with black winged liner and accent it with cockiness

Sounds a lot like my country as well…the only impulse purchases I make are usually Mac permanent items and then lip colors from drugstores oh and nail polishes from a local beauty chain

money grab for a great cause this time! hopefully it’s gonna be a great colour and the Riri Navy comes out big so that a lot of money is made for the Aids fund

so MAC is gonna make a ton load of money with this one and that’s a GREAT thing because all proceeds go to the MAC Aids fund! not gonna complain…hopefully it’s a great colour so we can all pick it up

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