Cle de Peau Sand Beige Luminizing Face Enhancer for sure!

Anita! Like my sister :)

Like a Rainbow!! Even if is fall 😀

With everything! I really like this palette, It is so versatile 😀

Corsica looks really pretty :O

It looks reaally pretty!, even for this kind of color (as a blush) 😀

Can I have just the first shade? So disappointing palette :C

I want to get one for my mom, but maybe this one is too bold for her hehe i think I’m going to buy the coral :)

Thanks Christine!, I have to wait until tomorrow to buy it but It is worth it 😀

I loooove Rose Tricheuse, but, Where I can buy it? Thanks for this wonderful review 😀

For me, this is a must have ! 😀

I’m with you, I’m very lazy and I will not use them wet as much as I want hehe. Dry, They are veeeeeeeeeery sheer :C

Desdemona is calling me! :O

For work! A simple brown look :)

Thanks for the reply! I want to try the Hakuhodo ones but The shipping charges are always soo expensive. Maybe the Mac 168 would be a good option.

Ohhh so bad that they are scratchy,I was aiming for the #21 because I really want a contour brush, What would you recommend? I’m a noob at contouring hehe btw.

Playfull Honey!! Luuuuv that look :D:D <3

Well, I’m going to broke…

:) I have a doubt, what do you use to apply cream blushes? Because I have some problems aplyingin them on my cheeks with my fingers hehe.

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