Ditto what BB said! I don’t know how you remember your own name with all these products to swatch, review, etc, haha!

You do a great job and your info is very helpful to me in terms of making smart purchasing […]

I think she’s asking which grade is correct. On this post it’s listed as an A-, but on the actual review page (also for the Cinderella version) it is listed as a B+. :)

It all looks nice on you Christine, but I […]

I like the lipstick quite a bit, much more than the gloss. The color is right up my alley, although I already have a ton of hot, bright pinks.

That said, I will not be purchasing this due to the spokesperson […]

Yay, I can try it then! Thank you so much! 😀

Hot Berry is exactly the type of color that’s right up my alley! It looks so lovely on you (all three do, but that’s my fave).

I’ve never tried Bobbi Brown lipsticks before. I buy mostly MAC and UD. Do they […]

Such a disappointment. I was looking forward to seeing which liners UD put out for the holidays, and this is a definite skip for me.

While sheerer eyeliners have their place in my eye makeup looks, I don’t […]

I have no idea! :( It’s frustrating to me, because I really love the color and I like the scent too. I don’t have this problem with MAC lipsticks, other than some of the lustres. They still stay on as long as I […]

I have this shade. There has to be variation in batches I guess, because unfortunately this only lasts on me for about 2 hours before it starts disappearing. Works better with primer, but definitely doesn’t last […]

Christine, do these have any noticeable odor/scent? I am trying to behave and cut way down on purchases. Had been eyeing the perm hot pink one (these are too warm for me), but don’t want to waste the money if they […]

You know, I thought it was strange when there were absolutely zilch swatches to be found anywhere for these before the online release (aka no press samples sent out). Now I know why.

This is beyond ridiculous […]

This is all too cute! Although… I may be as big a Disney fan as you can find, but even I have to say that has to be the strangest lipstick I’ve ever seen. How would you even apply it? Just with a lip brush I guess.

I am just now seeing this because I’ve never used NARS products before and usually skip the posts on them. If I was a NARS fan, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable purchasing from this line. For me, it’s not […]

Christine, do you have any suggestions for holiday palettes that aren’t made in China (other than Vice 2, which I am getting this week)? I keep looking at things in the store and I keep running into made in China […]

Christine, once again, thank you so much for all your hard work. Makes my shopping so much easier because it gives me a good idea of what I might want.

I have never tried a Mineralize lipstick before. Do they […]

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