I tend to use a more highlighting concealer under the eyes, on my chin and to cover redness around my nose. For blemishes I use a non highlighting, creamy formula to cover without over drying them.
When my under […]

This mascara is amazing, it really is the best I have ever used.
It really defines, lengthens and thickens my lashes. Makes my eyes so much brighter, its the blackest mascara. It does not budge all day. I find I only need to go over my lashes twice, with one little wiggle at the roots and I am good to go! The wand is just great, the little sticky…[Read more]

I’m not a fan off this lip and cheek tint.
First I used this on my cheeks. I find this is too sheer, you really have to build it up. But by building it up it sort of forms an odd texture on my cheeks. I blend and blend but then it just all comes off, weird. So hard to work with.
I then decided maybe its more of a lip product, but it doesn’t…[Read more]

I’m not sure if this counts, but here in the UK, Boots have a Boots Advantage card. So for for every purchase you get points, you can then use these points in store for anything!
I know Boots is technically a […]

I hear you! I swapped my ‘oil control’ cleansers and ‘pore minimizing’ lotions and potions for gentle products and it significantly changed the oily appearance of my skin. Also, I found avoiding products with […]

can you use coconut oil all over your face?

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