I also love Neroli Portofino! Beach by Bobbi Brown is close-but a lot cheaper! I love all of the Pacifica rollerballs for summer too.

MAC, because of the wide lange of lipsticks

haul-Too Faced metal melted lipsticks in Macaron, and Jelly
weekend-Easter dinner with my family
looking forward to in April- vacation to our Florida home-I haven’t been all Winter because the airline rates were too high

Only holiday collections should be LE-and even then it would be nice to have them longer than the end of the holiday season. So, in my opinion, I would like to see LE products last until they sell out, or continue […]


Not at all!- but I really should since I care about animal testing. Thankfully, very few new companies ( if any) in the U.S.would employ this

I’m the perfect consumer-I pay attention when a company promotes their product

Buxom Dolly

rave- I am such a fan of their lipsticks and glosses, (the formula is usually excellent ) and I love all of the new collections they come up with ( I think this will be a rant for most people )
rant- I hate the […]

I used to have trouble with pink, but I have learned how to wear it so that I don’t look like I’m sick! It’s now one of my favorite colors

make sure you have good lighting

I love Pacifica’s Mexican Chocolate!

mine too!

I used to love Lush Karma kream, but lately I have been finding it way too overpowering.


Bright orange seemed so perfect when I had some color and lived in the south. Now it just seems garish against my pale skin and I find I never reach for it.

I bite my nails-yuck!

haul-I went out to buy two of your top ten lip products; chanel-crazy fuchsia gloss, and MAC -marque-both beautiful for my collection!
weekend-going out to lunch with my mom
window shop-my old home […]

There is nothing wrong with wearing “old fashioned” scents. They endure today because they can be timeless if complex notes are added. I’m not crazy about heavy scents either! Patchouli is wonderful-I love it […]

love this shade!

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