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Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gioia! It is such a fresh and clean scent.

Your skin tone/coloring: Medium with yellow undertones
Last beauty product you bought but didn’t like on you?: Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar (could just be I’m not used to a bright lip)
Last beauty product you […]

When I wear a little eyeliner, mascara, and a little bit of lip stain, but not much else. Basically minimal makeup Also when I wear an outfit I like.

I pretty much feel beautiful when I LOOK how I want to FEEL.

Ubangi looks so so so beautiful in the pot……. it’s a shame the swatches don’t look as nice as i had hoped ): the formula for most seems promising though.

Because I am 16 and wear only a little makeup when shopping, I have always found it intimidating to go to makeup counters after a bad experience I had the only time I visited a MAC counter. I was very excited to […]

the price and texture aren’t my thing but the look you did with it is really nice! i like the color combination

I think besides smartphones and technology, some makeup things that really represent the year are BB creams and eyeshadow primer. Both have really started showing up more commonly and are becoming staples in […]

I think i’d do a really cute eye look with wanderin’ free all over the lid with some sha la la and ursula in the crease (‘:

Definitely on myself. I love the idea of putting makeup on others, but I am just super unsure of what looks good on other people’s faces ): I have very unique shaped eyes in particular and it’s taken a LONG time […]

I do a lot of research before I buy products, but I find that when I go to the store to buy them, I generally end up buying something else I see instead.

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