Nars’s Sheer Matte foundation. I went to Sephora to choose a new foundation, but the Nars was not one I had planned to try. I hadn’t had much luck with the brand before (except for their eyeshadow base) and I […]

Obscura reminds me of Chanel’s Particuliere.

None. I look awful in them. Matte and matte-ish rule for me.

I’d splurge on new foundations (like the new Bare Minerals liquid) and some skin care products!

CVS sells this in the US. My bottle doesn’t say “Toucher Sec,” but otherwise it’s the same. I like it, too!

I’m looking forward to your reviews of these, Christine. :)

Matte or semi-matte, then cream, then satin. Anything glossy looks awful on me because I have oily skin, and shimmers & frosts look bad because … I don’t know. They just do.

It’s interesting how many people […]

The Blackberry in this palette *must* be different than the permanent single, because the one I have is most emphatically not “soft and velvety.” It’s rock-hard and I have to scratch the surface in order to get […]

I have to rant about NYX dropping their NYX Color lip balm line–the one whose shade names all meant “thank you” in different languages. As balms alone, they weren’t ideal, but as lip color they were fantastic. […]

I did for a while, but didn’t see any difference, so I stopped. I don’t think you can do anything to your eye area that will affect it permanently. If it’s dry, you can use a moisturizer, which will plump it up […]

I think of “drugstore” as meaning lower-price, even though some skincare lines sold in drugstores are priced closer or equal to products found in Sephora. The advantage of buying them in a drugstore, though, is […]

My big complaint about high-end skincare is that it is ludicrously overpriced and no more effective than drugstore or even homemade stuff. I’ve been suckered by enough “premium” products by now to be impervious to […]

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