Pharmaceutical manufacturing. They have strict GMP’s due to sterility and prohibit makeup, nail polish, jewellery, perfume and contact lenses. At least we can wear deodorant…I know of one company in my area […]

This is me! My new job prohibits makeup and I work 6 days a week. Not that I’d have a chance of using anything up even if I still wore lipstick every day…

Mac Capricious, Fyrinnae Pigmy Hippo, Revlon Pink Truffle.

Haul: Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Bauhau5. It’s FINALLY came back in stock at Sephora!
Weekends plans: Working through the long weekend.
Role model: None.

Raves all around! I have oily skin and very oily lids so long lasting waterproof formulas are my only option. I soak my eye makeup off with coconut oil or an oil based remover, so there’s nothing extra that I’d […]

I can’t pull off a coral lipstick to save my life!
My favourite blushes are Nars Daydream, which is more pink than coral on me, Clinique Coral Pop, and TT Coral Cameo cream blush.
Lately I’ve been reaching for […]

Mac Frank N Furter. It’s not too bright and not too dark.

I don’t regret anything. If something interests me and works for me, then great! If not, then I don’t worry about it. I didn’t give a second thought to the 90’s brown lipstick trend, because there was just no […]

I’d buy just what I absolutely loved and nothing more. I’d have a collection that would fit into a single makeup bag!

I’ve forgotten mascara a couple of times but I don’t think it was really noticeable since I wear glasses.
I think the most embarrassing was when foundation oxidized and was an orange oily mess at the end of the […]

Those swatches made me cringe

Gray, pastels of any kind, bright blue.

Pretty much the same colours you’ll never see on me!

UD Naked 3.

I’d love to work for MAC, in a position that would enable me to restore the quality, especially with their LE collections and brushes, bring back beloved shades and formulations, bring the new collections down to […]

I would create a dupe for Kat Von D’s Bauhau5 liquid lipstick because that shade is always out of stock!

I finished a Covergirl quad in high school. It was all I wore. I repurchased it and still have it, with 3 of the shades left.

Good reviews!! Although it’s rare for me to buy anything sight unseen anymore. The last time I did was when I bought Macs Perfect Topping MSF based on the description of the original release, and it wasn’t even close!

Your skin tone/coloring: NW20
Favorite warm-toned lipstick? Mac Capricious. Most of my lipsticks are cool-toned.
Favorite cool-toned blush? HG Mood Exposure is the coolest shade I have.
Favorite […]

I don’t watch tutorials very often, but I will copy looks that I see. Sometimes I see colour combinations that I wouldn’t have thought of and I try them out on myself.

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