Estée Lauder Violet Underground palette.

I can’t imagine wearing it on its own, but I’ve been playing around with it a bit layering it with pink to make a custom purple. I’ll be spending some more time on that this weekend.

Haul: A small Sephora haul consisting of the Beauty Blender duo with cleaner, Too Faced Melted Metallic lipstick in Violet, Kat Von D lipsticks in Lullaby and Poe.
Weekend plans: Working.
Do you like bold or […]

Haul: UD Show Pony palette from a blog sale and April’s Birchbox, both due to arrive today.
Weekend plans: Housecleaning
What was the last movie you watched?: The last instalment of The Hobbit trilogy.

Light blue pastel eyeshadow circa 1979. It would have been some drug store brand.

Light florals.

Your skin tone/coloring: NW20 or so
What is your favorite spring scent? Lancôme Aromatic, which is DC. It’s my favourite anytime of the year!
What is your favorite spring lip color? MAC Lavender Whip -the […]

I’m much more adventurous regarding colour. I used to be all about dull neutrals and MLBB shades, but in recent years, there’s really no colour that I won’t wear on my eyes and I’ll take a bright purple lipstick […]

I have different shades for summer and winter as well as bronzers and various shades of powders and highlighters, so I can custom blend whatever shade I happen to be at any given time. I prefer light coverage, […]

Stila. Nothing from them seems to grab my attention.

Stila. Nothing from them seems to grab my attention.

I can’t pull off a coral lipstick to save my life, regardless of the shade. When it comes to blushes I prefer pink-toned coral, preferably more pink than coral. Anything that pulls orange even slightly looks terrible on me.

Same! My first thought was “Bye bye paycheque!”

A bath with a Lush bath bomb, maybe once or twice a year, with a good book and a cup of tea.

I use them as a base to intensify my eyeshadow colour.

Haul: Three GA ETK Eyeshadows in shades #4, #5, and #8.

Weekend plans: Working. Always working

I’ve mixed Korean BB Cream with a tinted moisturizer to make the colour less ashy.

No. Never. I go by a funky smell or texture when it comes to knowing when to toss things.

Maybelline Bad To The Bronze and MAC Girl Friendly.

I love every look I do with the Naked 3 palette which is why it’s the one I reach for 90% of the time. I use it with Girl Friendly paint pot and usually Rockstar or Uzi eyeliners.

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