Do I need it for the name? Potentially..

Definitely loving shades like these as of late, so I will absolutely be picking up Taupe and Next to Skin. MAC, you’re killin’ me with the blushes lately!

Some of these are ridiculous! I couldn’t even believe it, holy crap!

OMG, its literally almost too gorgeous to use!

Bella Violet definitely has a case of “the purples”!

Hey, if it pulls more pink I might have a chance lol!

Hehe, I assumed so. I’ll try that one, thanks!

I’ll check those out, thank you!

I don’t need Only in Florida, but am I going to buy it because I’m from Florida? Abso-freaking-lutely.
It does seem that MAC has improved their nail polish formula, no?

Anyone have any suggestions for a flattering coral on very cool toned, very fair skin?

OMG! Do you know how many of these I NEED?

Uh oh…Well, it looks like my wallet might be surviving these ones – not too keen on the pigmentation of these dry =/

The first things I thought when I saw the photo of the Powder Brush #10 weren’t NARS or $50+…For such a name and price point, I’d expect something that not only performs at a luxury standpoint – but looks like […]

Yeesh. C’mon MAC!

Do you think Sephora will mark the original versions down to make room for the reformulated ones?

MAC’s Spring collections are usually one of my favorites, but I’m definitely underwhelmed with this one. I like Sweet Experience, but I’m definitely going to have to try that one on my skin before I end up getting […]

I didn’t think i needed it but oh lord do i need!

Borealis looks a good deal like Butter London Wallis. I wouldnt say they’re absolute dupes, but definitely very similar.

Christine, how do you feel Instigator compares to Cyber?

Oh happy day!

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