I love the darker color but I just wanna confirm is the berry color 103 or 293? The pics says 103 is the orange but the description says 103 is the berry. Thanks

Does the orange ball mean Mellans a Broncos fan? OMAHA! 😛

I thought this was a hoax when I read the title! Kelly & Sharon seem so random and I don’t think “makeup” when I think of them.

Adorned is gorgeous! What kind of scents do these glosses have?

Yes, I noticed that she deleted that post after she realized or was told she jumped the gun! Thanks for confirming the date!

Happy Friday, Christine! You wouldn’t happen to have a link to Rihannas Viva Glam Lipstick would you? She posted on Instagram that it’s available now but I can’t find it on the website. Thanks.

Good advice! :)

Yes, I’ve been using Kiehls Cryste Marine eye treatment every night for the past few months but I really haven’t noticed anything different (it’s supposed to help minimize dark circles).

I’d wear Pleasure Bomb with a neutral eye!

I’ve never heard of a Money Frog before… now I want one lol. It is better though to get it as a gift or is it alright to buy if for yourself?

Ooh I love Jelly Bean!

I would wear that top lavender/lilac color on my lids with a winged liner and some false lashes!

Oh wow, that’s terrible (Smeraldo). Even $1 lipsticks pack more pigmentation than that!

Your bare face is flawless!

I’d wear 12L on the waterline!

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