Thank you! I can’t wait to see your review in them! :)

Hey Christine, UD put the matte lipsticks on their site but there’s no mention of the 2 exclusive shades. Their last Instagram post said ‘9 shades’, so I’m just wondering if you’ve heard anything about them […]

Do you know which shades are exclusive to UD flagship and online?

Just wanted to say this is showing online for sephora, just came up today. It does say it’s online only though

Is his going to be available at Sephora? I had thought it was a Nordstrom exclusive until this post, but I’m used to you listing the specific retailers that would have it. Thanks!

I’m excited for the the T3 dryer!! I’ve been soo interested in those but I can’t shell out the money for them yet =( Hope to win, would be awesome to try all these products!

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