I found my match just a few months ago after years of mixing foundations to get my correct match. Now I am Golden in Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. I am so satisfied!

It is such a beautiful shade but I can’t help but notice via the swatch that it’s a bit runny.

Very eye catching! I await the swatches :)

Natural daylight.


A Coco Chanel fragrance or the Lorac Pro Pallete

I would use the eye palette and create a neutral eye with bold eyeliner and pair it with Pleasure Bomb lipstick. Hopefully I can hit one of her concert with this look :)
Happy Holidays!

Ulta and Sephora!

Very chic metallic finish. Looks really pretty!

I would use two eyeliners. The black eyeliner to create a smudge winged eyeliner and and maybe the blue on my lower waterline. I’d use some Velour lashes for more definition on my lashes with some gloss on my lips.

I honestly knew that was coming. Not surprised at all. Hopefully they come out with a new shade and not any from the recent or the upcoming collection.

MAC Diva.

Pleasure Bomb is most definitely on my list. Looks so pretty! Thanks for the amazing swatches :)

Don’t think that’s a lip color I would be able to pull off but the packaging will definitely have me experimenting with it.

Happy Anniversary Temptalia! Cheers to many more wonderful years of beauty…xx

They’re both so gorge. Definitely getting myself those.

Clinique Lipstick in Pearl Nude..

I actually have finished a palette. It’s one of the lorac palette…love the neutral colors it has.

Hmm.. will have to check it out. I tend to buy fragrance for their packaging despite their scent :/

Look very interest!

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