Thanks so much for responding to my comment, Kesha! Your comment was helpful! :)

Thanks so much for replying to my comment, Kesha! Very helpful!


How does Sensual Sparks compare to Restrained from the Nudes and Metallics Collection? I read that you got Restrained but haven’t seen a swatch or review of this lipstick.

I’d wear these lipsticks with Honey Jasmine blush

I’d wear the lipsticks I bought from the AAO collection with these blushes!

All lipstick colors already sold out online except for 2 colors :(

Missed Sweet and Sour!

woot woot!

Thanks for the info!

I’m still wondering what diffused flash is. I see pictures of other lipstick swatches (not in this group of lipsticks here) labeled with “diffused flash”. Is that what the lipstick would […]

Hi Christine :)

I’m new to your website. To better understand what I’m seeing, I have a few questions about your pictures.
1) What’s the difference between diffused flash and studio lighting?
2) If “diffused […]

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