I know I’ve said this before re. Typographic, but I totally agree.

It would work better in this collection, too.

Ugh, Carbon. Why?

Put Typographic in this collection, MAC. It’s more of a dark, dark grey, rather than black but it’s a lot softer and would look great with those purples and other greys.

The picture with the colour coordinated pumps and the abs in the laundromat is hilarious. And completely nonsensical. So A plus for that, MAC.

They actually look like they are good for layering. But yeah, sheer lipsticks are a bit of downer.

Pop out Carbon, pop in Typographic (which actually works better as a “neutral” as it’s a softer grey black.)

And it’s just better.

Druzy just isn’t acceptable. How did this pass all the test before going to market?

It’s very pretty in the pan.

+100000000000 on the sunscreen tip. And a good one, with a big SPF if you are really white (like me)

Yeah, it was started in Toronto by two dudes named Frank in the 80s. But it`s based in New York now and is owned by Estee Lauder.

But the factory is in Markham, ON. Usually things in Canada cost more because […]

Well, that makes it extra infuriating because we also pay HST on top of that higher price. HST combines the Goods and Services Tax (a VAT) and the provincial sales tax in Ontario.

This has become a different […]

MAC really needs to start listening to their artists in their stores (on the front lines) and beauty bloggers- I get the sense that all the collections, the poor quality and the seemingly random decisions about […]

Definitely. Even though I think I will test MAC ladies and gents to see how well they know their products by asking what liner goes with some of these lipsticks and see whether they say “Yes, Ruby Woo lipstick […]

It comes down, 100%, to situations.

Thinking from a marketing perspective, I think they must be “releasing” the lipsticks in order to highlight the fact that they go with new lip pencils. It’s their way of linking them.

I agree it seems a little […]

$90 is insane….but I remember the one at Christmas that was about $500 (ie almost the price of the shoes) so $90 seems tame. It’s still insane.

It’s a shame that first purple is so awful. As a whole, the palette looks tempting for a girl with green eyes, but not at that price with that dud in the middle.

I would’ve called “Oxblood” “Not Oxblood”…..because it isn’t.

The packaging for this stuff remains awesome. Yay Toledos!

Yes. It is known.


That’s good….because it is her. :)

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