Sort of! My eyesight is incredibly poor, so I have to get super close to the mirror to even SEE what I’m doing (and contact lenses bother me to no end, so they’re not an option!). Which means if I’m using a […]

I’ve always been told that you’re supposed to pluck your eyebrows from the bottom and NEVER EVER pluck from the top, but the top of mine grow in a literal “W” shape around small dimples above my eyebrows. So, they […]

Maybelline’s Fuschia Flash Colour Vivid is the perfect shade for me, so I’m going to go with that one!

I work as a shift supervisor at Starbucks, and the company does have a no-fragrance policy because it interferes with the smell of freshly-ground coffee that’s supposed to permeate the cafĂ©. It even goes so far as […]

Your hair type: Thick, straight, colour-treated; a chin-length bob.
Favorite shampoo/conditioner? Suave’s tropical coconut shampoo is nice, I’m using that one right now. My hair is low maintenance, though, so I […]

I love the effects – they’re gorgeous, tend to dry fast, and I’ve found a few (especially by Color Club) that only take two coats to be opaque! I find it’s hard to make them last for more than a day or two without […]

Just a fun update: I DID end up ordering from Nail Polish Canada, and I’m super impressed – pricing was on point, great selection of polishes, free shipping, everything was packaged well so nothing spilled in the […]

Awesome – looking into that now. Thanks, Rae and Christine! You ladies are fantastic!

Oh, man. I wish it were easier to get a hold of these in Canada – they’re stunning! I’ve never seen them in stores, though, and can’t seem to find anywhere that’s willing to ship them in without charging an arm […]

Wow, this looks very cool! The site looks great, and MyTemptalia is an awesome idea. Thank you, and hugs to the rest of the team for putting this together!

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