Every single time I wear shadow. I have extremely oily lids, so even with a primer, I get extreme creasing after several hours.

Oops, I meant Formula X….

X Factor’s Illusionary. I so loooove all X Factor polishes I’ve tried. Only polish that can hold up to my nail abuse. :)

Random, but what lip color is that in your photo?

I get this a lot. I’m not a makeup artist, but I have a whole lot of makeup for my personal use. More than any one person really NEEDS, and i have a ton of drugstore but also a ton of high end products. I get […]

Funny that this came up as a question….I have recently converted my aunt (only 10 years older than me) into a broader view of beauty products. I feel like a proud mama bear. She never wore foundation, and would […]

Holy COW!! You should make a friend in the states that can mail them to you and save you a nice chunk of money. Also, try Makeup Geek shadows, I’m not sure where you live/if they ship to where you live, but it’s […]

I have the HG immaculate foundation, and I do really like it, but I find that it does still cling a little bit to my dry/flakey patches in the winter. If I had to choose between the two, I’d definitely choose the […]

LancĂ´me Teint Idole Ultra 24 hour foundation. So AMAZING! It is awesome for my combination skin. Doesn’t make my oily patches more oily, and doesn’t cling/cake up my dry patches. Truly an awesome foundation.

The Revlon ColorBurst balms (especially the mattes…even more specifically, the red one…) as well as the Kate by Rimmel lipsticks! They’re so amazingly pigmented and feel so comfortable on. I have shades 10 & […]

This one is easy for me. Straightening my hair! It takes about an hour because I have very curly/coarse hair.

I used to use Bare Minerals brush shampoo, but since I ran out, I have been using a mixture of dawn antibacterial soap with extra virgin olive oil to condition them and keep the dawn from drying them out. So far so good.

Benefit Coralista!

I was really hoping the red to be a deeper red that it’s showing :(

Woohoo! I’m excited! Thanks for letting me know! And so the waiting game begins….

I’m really looking forward to all the new Urban Decay stuff! I’ve been waiting for those lipsticks for a long time! I know they’ve just been released on their site, but I live in Dallas and ordering lipstick in […]

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