I love Mellan’s Christmas outfit! Our yellow lab wears a big red bow around her neck every year since we got her on Christmas :)

I didn’t buy anything, but I did receive Illimasqua naked rose blush on […]

It depends. If my skin is looking good then it would be mascara, but, if it isn’t look it’s best then I would do foundation.

This is exactly what I was going to say. Gentle cleanser is must! Foaming cleansers contain ingredients in them that strip the skin of its natural oils. After changing my cleanser from foaming to gentle I have […]

Oh my goodness Dim Light is beautiful! I have never really looked into highlighters before because of my skin type (oily), but this one really caught my eye.

I don’t regret anything I have bought now that I think of it. But I have had products that I didn’t like at first that I regretted buying, but I have messed around with them and now they are my staples. Such as […]

I do the exact same thing as you Christine. Drying lotion, buffering lotion, Neosporin.

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