I would wear Anita first!!

I would definitely use it to buy makeup – YSL Kiss and Blush and NARS Contouring blush will definitely be on the list!

I’d do a neutral look with the shades in the middle!

Sephora and the body shop!

i’d wear the colorful ones on the lower lashline

I’d wear these for a holiday party or just when i’m feeling adventurous!

Isn’t it “Sensuously”, not Seriously?

Personally I love fancy packaging!

I don’t mind just seeing swatches and an overview of these trios!

Words! Easier to remember. simple as that :)

I have this and love them all except for the pointed foundation brush. Every time I try to use it is scratches my face. That and I agree it is quite small.

I’m excited about the hairdryer! I’ve really been wanting a T3 after seeing all your reviews. The only thing holding me back is the price! I have wavy hair so a good hair dryer is really important to me – the one […]

I’d wear soft and gentle as a highlight, I’ve heard good things about it!

I’d wear soft and gentle as a highlight on my cheekbones, I’ve heard good things about it!

I’d love to wear one of the lighter colors as a simple wash across the lid!

these are definitely perfect to wear on a summer day – nice and bright!

hmm i think i’d wear the bright ones with a neutral eye :)

This is a great product for fair people who don’t want to overdo it! It gives a lovely pink glow that is perfect for everyday wear. It’s my go-to blush!

The UD and Milani shadow pencils are great!

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