Well, I used to be so red in the face that I wouldn’t wear blush over my foundation because the redness showed through anyway. It’s better now though.

I definitely use concealer under my eyes more than I used […]

Depends on the product, of course. For an eye product, I wouldn’t pay more than $25. For a face product, $50. For a lip product, $20. For a palette of usual size, $70, maybe $80. That’s roughly my limit.

If I wear lipstick, that. Then I usually bring powder, and rarely, I bring my current liner, especially if I might be sweaty/I might cry, etc. and only if I’m wearing eyeshadow, as I don’t think eyeshadow with a […]

Your skin tone/coloring: Fairest and neutral cool.
What brand have you been loving most in 2015 so far?: Makeup Forever and MakeupGeek
What brand has disappointed you most in 2015 so far?: lol, MakeupGeek. Yes, […]

Haul: umm, I don’t think I got anything this week.
Weekend plans: Go to my friend’s house for dinner. That’s pretty much it.
What was the last movie you watched?: If I don’t count movies I second-hand watched, […]

Untamed… uuhh makeupgasm.


Definitely something drugstore since that’s all I could buy when I was 11 or 12. Can’t say I remember what it was, but if I guessed, I bet it was Revlon lip gloss. I bought a lot of Revlon and Maybelline eyeliner […]

So, how do I deal with my mother? 😉

I tell them the same — it’s art, at least to makeup lovers. Our faces are our canvases, only we get to show our art to everyone we meet!

Yeah, basically ditto. And Anastasia Beverly Hills because it sounds like it’s trying to be all vogue or something, but it deserves that for its invaluable brow pencils, so we’re cool now.

Usually, no. They’re too messy most of the time, and if I don’t get a perfect line, I could be there all day relining and blending and smudging and covering. Seriously, the maximum amount of time I’ve taken doing […]

Oh, thank god. I was so hoping this would be a miss so I wouldn’t have to buy it (because just looking at it I did).

Thank you!

Sorry, this has nothing to do with the blush, but that eye look is frickin’ amazing! You keep posting from that same day, and every day I’m reminded that I have to copy. That’s like, one of my favorites you’ve […]

I noticed recently (when I bought one of their products!) that I’ve never paid much attention to Tarte. I don’t think that’s deserved, they’ve just somehow always escaped me.

The one that, in my opinion, I […]

I know what you mean. It sucks when you feel confident, and you’re proud of yourself for feeling confident, and then it’s like — ooook, never mind. It’s not our fault though. We’re taught that we’re supposed to […]

Nooooooooo I just started a no-buy!

No! Must. Resist!

Usually I look through my eyeshadow palettes and try to come up with an idea of what I want to do, then add products that complement that idea. Sometimes my decision is based on how often I’ve used a product; I […]

Blend more. Get frustrated. Blend more. Think about wiping it off. Not want to give up after so much work. Blend more. Get frustrated more. Blend more. Eventually either fix it or wipe it off and storm away.

My daughter is Mellan’s #1 fan, and I love that peep.

Haul: I didn’t get anything this week, but last week I got some MUG and Sugarpill pigments, and MAC Fix+, powder puffs and Matchmaster concealer (this […]

Not at all. I won’t use mascara for more than about three months, but with anything else, I need an actual reason to throw it out (it looks funny, it smells funny, it doesn’t work anymore).

Well I think the blue and green are the only ones that look even remotely unwearable, but who’s to say what unwearable is? Anyway, can’t tell from here. Weekend 2, however, is undeniably gorgeous on you.

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