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Hi Christine! Mine is Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay, it is fruity and light, but with a woody/spicy note in the end which makes you feel refreshed in this summer heat, love love love.

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I do it on my blog, as well as different forums and my social media :)

I have 2 Pinky Berry which is the most beautiful berry blush that I’ve come across. It is my must have staple for any autumn season. You should definitely check this out, it would look gorgeous on your skin tone, Christine!

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Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer :)

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yes, some times, when I was extremely tired and it was pretty late, but I always regret this, since it truly irrittates my skin and causes blemishes

I’ve been testing 1,3 and 6 (as well as cold light pink one which seems to be only for the European release) shades for the past month, and my impressions are very controversial. The shadows, though pretty on the […]

Judith, unfortunately it is not white, just specks of silver glitter in a transparent base

Tabitha, yes, they are cream eyeshadows

wow! Poppy looks fantastic!

This color looks so pretty and sweet on you, Christine!
I personally love this blush formula, it is very finely milled and truly transforms your cheeks having “glow from within” finish. I also find it very […]

Looking forward to seeing these eyeshadows online, since we do not have theBalm in Russia. I am particularly drawn to #19 which reminds me of Burberry Pale Barley which I could not wear due to severe allergy to […]

Stacey, totally agree with you! I do not see theBalm packaging as something offensive, for me they just illustrate pinup art that was popular in the 60s (I guess), like other brands, say, Benefit.

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My biggest issue is finding a setting powder that won’t dry my very sensitive skin under eyes, any recommendations?
As for concealer I was a fan of MAC Pro Longwear, but recently it starts to dry my under eye […]

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I use a separate cleansing milk or water to remove my eye makeup, then Shu’s oil followed by cleansing foam

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Desperately want Simmer!

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I’ve bought big Ikea glasses, filled them with scented yellow and green decorative sand and put brushes into like on a display :) I like the way it brightens my makeup table and my mood!

As a blogger, I feel totally lost and overwhelmed, because I just can’t keep up with all the testing. I start showing spring and instantly we are already waiting for summer. As a buyer, I just stopped buying MAC […]

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