For blush I have the J110 and G5545 as well and they’re both amazing. For face brushes they are all equally great in quality, only thing would be great to consider is your skin type, as white goat hair like the […]

The J110 is amazing for blush you cant go wrong with it. I have both the G5545 and J110 I use both all the time. I still think you made excellent choices for the blush brushes. I am so glad you are doing reviews […]

I have replaced almost all of my mac brushes with Hakuhodos and I am absolutely in love with them, most of the series are repeats so dont let that intimidate you.

The S100 line series is the most expensive and […]

Agreed! :) but i must input that the G545 is much more smaller and moe of like the shape of a foundation paddle brush its not as dense and more flat, but nevertheless a great brush as all hakuhodos. I am def a fan of them.

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