Do I need another matte neutral palette? Like I need a hole in my head. Am I going to buy this anyway? Yes. thanks for the swatches

Christine you called both shadows bouffant in the beginning. Also do you know if yogurt in the core collection has a better formula than the version released with this collection. (Like carbon does)

I would love to see and athlete or entrepreneur as the next face. When I was growing up I didn’t look up to Madonna or Britney Spears. I looked up to michelle Kwan and serena williams. I didn’t really know any […]

Would’ve loved to add this color to my collection because I don’t have anything like it but I absolutely HATE the name. It’s a shame they had to ruin such a pretty lipstick with that

i like toxic tale but i could never pull off this color. I think 5 alarm is coming home with me though

i was just about to buy this but now that you brought the size reduction to my attention its not worth it

yeah it’s a beautiful color but I wish they had named it something else :/

I love all of these. I didn’t read the price or the brand and I thought these were from OCC. then i scroll back and see they’re $5! wow indie brands are really giving high end MU brands a run for their money

I thought I didn’t need this and now your swatches have put it on my wishlist. my wallet weeps

Thanks for saving me $15 dollars Christine. I’m going to skip this and just get Catharina

Wow MAC is slacking lately. I expected something cool like grey friday but this? I can go to rite aid and get a wet n wild trio for $3 and I’ll have the same look

Love the and the nail polishes! I’m scooping these up when I can

I feel like I need this for the beautiful bottle. I’ll feel so silly after buying i just like when I bought an old (probably expired) 1940’s Revlon polish for the bottle. butat least they’ll look cute on my vanity

i wanted ‘good kisser’ but i already have ‘pleasure bomb’. i wanted ‘hearts aflame’ but i already have ‘studded kiss’. i am definitely getting ‘yield to love’ and maybe ‘myself’. thanks for the swatches

they’re nice but i’m not sure if i’m going to get them until i swatch them in person

i love sex and the oyster but nothing else is a must have. its not worth buying the whole palette for one shade

i love this but i know it will look terrible on me and i’ll never wear it. i dont like buying HE makeup to just look at :(

GOSH is available at most duane reades and some walgreens.

i wish we had sleek, barryM, peripera, etude, tony moly and jill stuart

oh geez talk sexy is calling my name 😀

these just dont seem worth it to me :/
oh well at least i’ll save some money

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