More youth oriented/edgy brands like Urban Decay Kat von D.

Charlotte Tilbury pressed powder. Totally fell apart!

Burberry’s new eyeliners are terrific and don’t budge. They last fairly long on the lower waterline.

Primer. I never saw any need for it until I started using it.

Bloomingdale’s, Saks and Sephora

I don’t know why some of her lipsticks are normal priced and some are super expensive. The only difference I have noticed is the marketing and the packaging……

I am probably one of the few people who doesn’t like Urban Decay eye shadow pallets.

Tom Ford, Tabacco Vanille or Oud Fleur

Giorgio Armani Liquid Summer Bronzer – It will take me forever to finish it, but it is so easy to blend.

A waterproof true brown black that goes on the waterline and doesn’t smudge. It should also be soft and stay put.

I’m with you Christine. I returned my to Sephora today. Was so disappointed. I put it on at 7:00 am, by 11:00 am, I looked like a panda. Not a good look.

Open up container and slap on face. Get angry if I don’t see immediate results.

Yes, and if I return the item (I am a big returner) I will let them know if the sales associate pressured me into the purchase. They should know that when they use a lot of pressure to get me to buy something, the […]

Oh boy! Boscia green tea blotting sheets, 2 or 3 lipsticks (Hourglass & Chanel), Hourglass diffused light powder, comb, Fresh sugar lip treatment and a bunch of hair ties.

Not really. Make-up gives me confidence and I am not using the food money to buy it.

Sometimes, on Make-up Alley.

If I don’t like it or it’s too similar to something I already have, back it goes.

Bloomingdales Loyalist is an amazing program! Also love Nordstrom & Saks.

Uuummm Nothing! I’m worth it!

I swore I would never buy Tom Ford perfume and beauty products. Now I have a ton and it has opened the door to other ludicrously expensive brands.

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