Would rather have*

What?! An Urban Decay palette with Smog? Quite the plot twist ;P

I would having the Alice in Wonderland or Rollergirl palettes brought back than this one, which I understand would make zero sense […]

Oh! How serendipitous. I’ve been thinking about doggie insurance. What’s your experience been like with PetPlan? How long have you had it? What plan do you use? What’s the difference between the reimbursement […]

I remember reading the answers to a similar question nearly 4 years ago. From that post’s comments, I was encouraged to purchase MAC Ever Hip! My first MAC lipstick ever! :)

I like aerie lipstick in Glow a lot […]

I vividly remember thinking back in my knuckle-headed youth, “Highlighters are the dumbest products ever! Who on earth would spend money on such useless nonsense?!” And then I tried a sample and immediately ate my […]

I’m so bad at wearing lipstick regularly. They always feel like too much of a fuss for this lazy girl. With that said, most used of all time is probably Shiseido Baby or Revlon Peach Parfait.

My mom had had […]

Whatever happened to the Hourglass eyeshadow duos? I was eyeing Dune for so long and then, just like that, it was gone.

I’m not sure if it’s something I look for, but I tend to just roll over review from people who have very friendly relationships with brands (i.e., receiving gifts, attending promotional parties, being sponsored, […]

First time I’ve gone “ooh!” in a while. What an interesting combination.

Smashbox. I keep thinking they need to roll out something spectacular because it seems like it’s just been years of absolutely nothing interesting. To me, it’s like the Pier 1 of beauty brands: how are you not bankrupt yet?

Now with your love for Tom Ford’s cream eyeshadows and anything teal, I KNOW you’ll be all over Midnight Sea! 😛 I’m thinking about Golden Peach myself. I’m at a point in my life where I can’t really afford to […]

These days, I think I ONLY window shop for makeup!

I finally grabbed and eyelash curler so I’m able to wear makeup again! Lol… that was a long 5 months!

Face Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Foundation (mixed with Garnier Moisturizing Gel), Shiseido Translucent […]

I’m sure this palette will eventually be marked down in a few months, so maybe I’ll grab it then. I’ve been wanting to buy Benefit blushes (baaaack when they had a lot more product in the box!) but never got […]

I wear L’Oreal Amber Rush on the lid with Urban Decay Buck in the crease almost exclusively in the fall. I like to wear it with Urban Decay Whiskey eyeliner and Tarte Exposed blush. I change around the lip color […]

Your skin tone/coloring: light to medium with yellow undertones
Favorite bright lipstick? Revlon Vivacious as of late
Favorite bold blush? I actually don’t care for a bold blush 😛
Favorite colored eyeliner? […]

Your skin tone/coloring: light to medium with yellow undertones
Your go-to lip color right now?: Maybe Revlon Vivacious?
The blush you can’t stop wearing?: Tarte Exposed
Eyeshadow palette you’ll never stop […]

LOL you’re so funny. You should chronicle all the conversations you have with makeup products 😉 hehe!

Well, short story long…

I remember reading your review of Adora from the original formula. Christine, it is one of those product reviews in the entire expanse of LIFE that my jaw dropped, and I thought, “HOW […]

My answer actually comes from something the Muse said which she learned from one of her readers: to use Wet n Wild Brulee eyeshadow single as a setting powder for concealer. What a great idea!

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