Face of Australia! Their Face Base Primer is fantastic, and an exact dupe for Napoleon Perdis Auto-Pilot Primer (like the ingredient are identical) for a fourth the price!

Black smokey eye!! I need to do that again soon.

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with neutral/warm undertones, NC15. I’ve just moved back to a much colder climate and I can see my skintone is fairer already!

How often do you wash your hair? Every other day – […]

Rich Core is missing from the swatches link by the way :)

I also am unable to sort these by undertone – when I do so, it shows me the whole swatch gallery instead of just these shades. I’m on Google Chrome on a PC :)

It sounds like you need a barrier cream – I had constant contact dermatitis on my hands (I’m talking never went away) for YEARS, and using a barrier cream (once I started working at a vet clinic) totally fixed it. […]

I want Flaming Lips just for the name!! LOL

And I forgot to clarify: the shadow came away without me actually attempting to depot it (I don’t even think I dropped it or did anything dramatic to it – I have no idea how it happened!!).

I personally would never depot these, as they seem too fragile – my original Sweet Heat has come away from the pan in one piece, though it’s still completely usable. Just my two cents :)

When I saw that these were going to be permanent, I kinda went “Damn, how much did I pay for Havana on eBay??” But seeing this version, the LE is hands down my preference – it’s a gorgeous, quite unique, brown […]

Some of these seem to swatch quite differently to the original LE ones! Though I’m pretty sure you noted the differences. Still super happy these are permanent – I have been hunting for A Natural Flirt for AGES […]

I knew something was missing!! That’s such a shame.


Mascara, and primer! I’m actively looking for those two – a tubing mascara that builds volume and still looks feathery (or a normal mascara that does the same but does not smudge AT ALL) and a primer that […]

In regards to AHA/BHAs, Avene Cleanance K Cream Gel has done really great things for my skin. I’d highly recommend you check it out!

I’ll be right there with you at those meetings. That and Eyeliner Flick Perfectionists Anonymous. I do think I’m getting better now from stepping back and going “What can I do better, and how?” I need to learn to […]

When I use bronzer, I get along really well with my MAC MSFN in Give Me Sun, so I REALLY don’t need this!!

YES!! That was just the icing on the crappy cake 😉

I love liquid with a felt tip point for a defined upper lash line, but most of the time I just use pencil!

All those beautiful brushes AND a gorgeous dog?! Envyyyyyyyy…! 😉

Haul: MAC Burmese Kiss (ebay! but I only paid $10 more than I would have paid in Australia, including shipping). I’ve only worn it once and my […]

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