I’ll be right there with you at those meetings. That and Eyeliner Flick Perfectionists Anonymous. I do think I’m getting better now from stepping back and going “What can I do better, and how?” I need to learn to […]

When I use bronzer, I get along really well with my MAC MSFN in Give Me Sun, so I REALLY don’t need this!!

YES!! That was just the icing on the crappy cake ;)

I love liquid with a felt tip point for a defined upper lash line, but most of the time I just use pencil!

All those beautiful brushes AND a gorgeous dog?! Envyyyyyyyy…! ;)

Haul: MAC Burmese Kiss (ebay! but I only paid $10 more than I would have paid in Australia, including shipping). I’ve only worn it once and my […]

Your skin tone/coloring: Light with neutral-to-warm undertones.

Last beauty product that disappointed you? Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara – I should have known better really LOL as I can only do tubing mascaras […]

I just opened these up in the swatch gallery and thought about how nice it was that there was an even split of cool and warm undertones with these!

Stunning! I completely didn’t think this would work for me, however I was already eyeing off the MAC 184 fan brush, which I’m thinking would be perfect for using with this blush…!

I went into fits of happiness when I saw that swatch ^_^ sooo don’t need this, but it’s so tempting when most of the blushes I own are a daily battle to not look overdone!!

I think Playdate is fabulous!!

I bought this on a whim after hearing a lot about it, but I’m glad I did! It’s the perfect warm neutral blush on me. If I need something to pair with any bold warm-toned look, this is an easy go to. It imparts colour without competing with the rest of my makeup. Definitely a mainstay in my makeup stash.

Undercurrent is permanent, if that’s what is concerning you! :)

These make me happy!! With all the underwhelming limited editions it’s so good to see items that are permanent and GOOD.

Yus, another Melted review!! I’m keen as beans to see reviews of all of these, as I LOVE my Melted Fig and I really want more shades, but I’m being really selective with what others I add to my collection.

I cleanse with Essano Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser, sometimes follow up with a serum (I LOVE Origins A Perfect World Skin Guardian, too broke at the moment though LOL), then Nivea Visage Light Moisturising Day […]

I wear Nightmoth under Rebel for this very reason! Plus I find it impossible to get a clean line with Rebel, which you really need with the shade.

I really like the look of Boca, though it’s the kind of shade I would need to try on to see if the depth and undertone work on me. And unfortunately it’s a satin! I personally find MAC’s satin finish to be much, […]

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