I used spironolactone to clear up my cystic acne and it has kept it at bay for years!

Warm washcloth, moisturizing vitamin c serum, gel moisturizer and daytime eye serum.

The same one I use year round, Pur Minerals 4-in-1 pressed powder foundation.

NO, a makeup artist I am not.

Only when I have cried and then hugged my husband.

I am not brand loyal to any specific cosmetic line. For instance, I love MAC eyeshadow, but there lipstick dries my lips out like crazy. There are good products and not so good products in every line. […]

eyes…..I have one blue eye and one green eye. People notice them all of the time and compliment me on them.

I would wear a very neutral makeup. Smooth face, VERY slight highlighter, peach or rose blush, eyebrows lightly filled in, gray or taupe eyeshadow with buff color under the brow, slight eyeliner in black, brown […]

a swish of powder bronzer, mascara, clear lip gloss

Light hand on the foundation. Bare Escents Bisque to cover any imperfections, gel blush, navy eyeliner, mascara and pink tinted lip balm.

I bought a rather spendy green creamy concealer for the redness I have on my face. After I used it, I couldn’t get it to blend and cover as nicely as it did when the SA did it. It just looked chalky and uneven. […]

body lotion, body wash, Dove bars, cotton pads, q-tips, orange sticks, lip balm (EOS).

I use a lighter hand with products that are inclined to fading or creasing i.e. foundations. eye shadow, liner. I blend, blend, blend, then I use a light dusting of very translucent finishing power, (elf makes a […]

I would say in foundaton and lipstick it is woth the splurge. Eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, finishing powder and highlighters have great drug store substiutes .

I think
Kat Von D would be a great place to start. The cosmetics offer ease of application and great color pigmentation.

Most looks I like I KNOW I can’t pull off are those that are simply not for women over 45. I think once a women gets to be of a certain age, she must take her makeup more seriously. That is not to say trend […]

I forgot to mention, scrupulously groomed brows are a MUST!

I stay really neutral with my eye shadows, no brights or light pastels to fight with my eyeglass frames. My glasses prescription magnifies the appearance of my eyes somewhat, so I take it easy with the eyeliner […]

I really like Milani’s Luminoso blush! It is easily a dupe for NARS Orgasm and has incredible staying powder. I also think it glides on much easier than the NARS. I found it accidentally when we were out of […]

matte eyeshadow and lipstick

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