I think their claims are largely what they have convinced they are, either honest or no quite honest. I generally go to other blogs or forums to find out what real women (not vendors), with their real experiences […]

I say, “I can appreciate your thoughts, so try to appreciate mine”.

It was a combination of things. I did a lot of practicing myself, I watched my older sister when I was a tenager and I read magazines, (for years now) on different ways to apply makeup.

I am 57 years old and over the past 10 years or so, I have noticed myself and my friends aging, which over the course of 10 years, who wouldn’t? But I am surprised at a few of them who have really seemed to show […]

Products that come out as part of a special collection , for a particular look, or a special occasion should be limited editions. I feel there are far too many limited edition products. If a company realizes […]

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YES! My makeup would be gone in 2 hours if I didn’t wear a primer. I also feel like it a bit of a screen between my face and my makeup, keeping it all from sinking into my face.

Although most of these lipstick shades are quite benign, I have to tell you the “Call the Hairdresser” looks fantastic on you! Definitely one of the best lippies I’ve ever seen on you!

yes! yes! YES!

if powder blush: true rich color, easy blendability, non-streaking, not chalky, long lasting, fragrance-free
if cream blush: not greasy, fragrance-free, good pigmentation, long-lasting, good blendability

I always research any beauty product I buy, some more so than others. For skin care, I do a lot of reading, contact the company’s customer service department to get answers for questions on things that are […]



In my bathroom. I don’t really like doing it there, but I am close to the sink (water), a large countertop, waste can, hair appliances and supplies, etc. I would hate to drag all of that stuff into my kitchen, […]


Many times that is the only info. I have to go on. Almost always, I will check for reviews on the product before I purchase it. I suppose the reviews more so than a product’s claims will lead me to a purchase.

I don’t…I don’t have a clue!

Oh yes! When I was about 29 or 30, I had shoulder length light brown highlighted hair. I was at the salon for my regular appt. and my stylist suggested we try something different. I said (very quickly), “let’s […]

History is very important. A brand’s history is a direct link to their quality and credibility.

No much excites me because the prices of all of them have become exorbitant!

Sweetie, I am 57 years old and if I don’t take my spironolactone, I still break out like crazy! I think it’s either in our genes or not. Hang in there!

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